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Days of our Lives Preview: July 14 Edition

EJ (James Scott) makes an emotional plea to Sami (Alison Sweeney). Photo courtesy NBC

This week on Days of our Lives, fearing her lies are about to catch up to her, Theresa makes a bold, irrational move that could land Brady in a world of trouble! Also this week: Sami begins the next step in her quest to destroy Abigail; Jordan and Ben come face-to-face-with their father. Get the latest DAYS scoop in our Days of our Lives preview for the week of July 14, 2014.

Days of our Lives Preview: Fade to Black
Theresa makes a stupid decision that could land Brady in a world of trouble! It all starts when Salem’s favorite booze and coke using couple returns from Las Vegas and return to the Kiriakis mansion. Brady passes out after all the alcohol and lord knows what else he inhaled during the trip. John arrives with one goal on his mind — saving his son from Theresa’s manipulative clutches. John reveals his hand to Theresa, who panics and whacks John in the head! Brady wakes up and assumes he attacked John in a drunken rage. Later, Daniel informs the family that John has lapsed into a coma. Theresa has the power to free Brady from the guilt he feels, but opts not to. Will her decision to withhold the truth backfire, inadvertently sending Brady on the right path?

Operation Destroy Abigail: Phase II
Sami drops a bombshell on Will and Sonny, leaving them stunned. Eric tries appealing to Sami’s reasonable side, urging her to abandon her plans for revenge, but she’s not having it. In fact, she’s ready to begin the next phase of her plan and it involves destroying Abigail Deveraux. By week’s end, Sami learns a stunning secret. What will she do with her new knowledge?

Also This Week:

Jordan’s worst nightmare comes true when she comes face-to-face with Clyde!

EJ makes an emotional plea to Sami

Hope and Aiden react to their unexpected romantic moment.

Ben confronts Abigail about her relationship with EJ. Will she admit her true feelings?

Eric asks Nicole for a favor.

Will’s new assignment may put him at odds with his family.

Jennifer is jealous when she sees Eve and Daniel growing closer.

Source Sneak Peek: July 21, 2014 Edition
Sami’s tough facade finally begins to crack. Will Caroline get her granddaughter to be honest with herself? Emmy winner Eileen Davidson reprises her role as Kristen DiMera. Kristen returns to Salem with one thing on her mind — causing trouble!

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