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‘Suits’ Review: ‘We’re Done’ Brings Heartbreak, Hope and a Welcome Homecoming

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Last night’s episode of Suits was by far the best of the season. While the premiere still gets major points for being so fun, “We’re Done” gets all the points because it was an incredible hour of television from start to finish. It took viewers from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other, it set up more than one intriguing arc for the rest of the season and it forever sealed the fact that Louis is truly the heart of the show.

So let’s quickly get up to speed. At the end of the last episode, Mike got fired after Forstman exposed his deception to his boss, Louis saved the day for Harvey and Jessica, but ended up under Forstman’s thumb and Donna warned Rachel that telling Mike the truth about kissing Logan would just end up hurting him. Things started out messy and then spiraled throughout the episode.

Harvey, Donna and Rachel all rallied around Mike after his firing to remind him that he wasn’t alone. Harvey wanted to bring him back to the firm, but Jessica immediately rejected that idea because of the whole thing where he’s a fraud and his presence puts the firm at risk. Harvey attempted to get the investment banker to hire him back, but that didn’t work out either so he sent Mike to talk to someone else who had to start his life over and that put a smile on Mike’s face and gave him hope.

Unfortunately, Mike’s hope came in the form of his love for Rachel and how he could get through anything as long as he had her. Once he told Rachel that, she felt terrible, started crying and confessed the truth about Logan. Talk about a cringe-worthy moment…I’ve been on Rachel’s side more than ever this season and I do understand why she felt bad, but this was absolutely not the right time to tell him. Always listen to Donna, Rachel. Telling Mike when he’d already hit a low point was selfish and all it did was make him feel worse and destroy the one thing he had left.

Mike went to beat up Logan, who only twisted the knife by pointing out that the kiss lasted for a long time and Rachel loved it. Rachel went to Donna for a shoulder to cry on and Mike knocked on Harvey’s door. While I did feel bad for both of them, I have to admit that I loved the fact that we got to see the friendship scenes with Donna and Rachel and especially Mike and Harvey. Their bond runs deep and even though they’ve been at each other’s throats for a good portion of this season, it made me happy that there was zero hesitation to toss that aside and let Harvey help Mike and for Mike to actually listen to Harvey.

While all of this happened, Louis was basking in his triumph. Jessica told him that she and Harvey wanted to give him a reward and his first demand was name partner. Jessica said no so he had to go back to the drawing board, but not before bragging to Malone that Jessica asked him to check his work. This put a wrench into the Jessica/Malone relationship, which did bum me out a little because I like them together, but their relationship is still new so there’s time to work it out. After seeing how devastated Rachel was over Mike, Louis made the decision to fight for Sheila and asked Jessica to let him telecommute and take more holidays. She agreed, but warned him it might be more difficult to make name partner that way. Louis didn’t care. He wanted Sheila and his happiness back.

Of course things couldn’t be that simple for Louis – he still had to get Forstman to sign some paperwork and since we know that guy is the absolute worst, it wasn’t just a simple meeting. Forstman forced Louis to take a fee, which would forever tie him to the illegal thing that he did and since Louis didn’t want to back out and let the firm down, he had to take it. This broke my heart because Louis wants so badly to fit in and be loved by Harvey and Jessica (mostly Harvey) that he comprised his beliefs and love for the law and that makes me want to cry.

On his way out of Forstman’s office, Louis runs into Mike, who’d gone there to accept the job offer since he had nothing else. But Louis refused to let that happen. Even though he’s still hurt and angry with Mike, he would not let him end up under Forstman’s thumb so he changed his mind about his reward request and informed Jessica and Harvey that he’d hired Mike back (HELL YES). Harvey jumped onboard instantly and pointed out to Jessica that she had no choice in the matter or it would make Louis suspicious and he reminded her how close Louis had come to finding out the truth. Jessica knew he was right, even if she wasn’t impressed by his giddiness, but Harvey ended the conversation by saying he never should have let him go in the first place.

Harvey and Mike celebrated the news with some classic bromance banter at Harvey’s place and then Harvey took Donna’s advice from earlier in the episode and had a talk with Mike about Rachel. This was a huge moment because Harvey put aside his own issues and put Mike first and he got through to him. Mike went to talk to Rachel, but he admitted that he wasn’t ready to forgive her yet and he needed time. He also dropped the bomb about coming back to Pearson Specter and basically told her that he didn’t care if she approved or not. Oh and one more awesome thing Harvey did for Mike? He dropped Logan as a client and got the nod of approval from Donna. I love this show.

But giddiness over Mike being back where he belongs aside, it’s not going to be smooth sailing from here. Mike and Rachel are in a really bad place. Working together has the potential to bring them closer, but it could also push them farther apart, which seems to be the likely option judging by the preview for next week. I don’t think Louis’ problem with Forstman is going to disappear either. My hope is that eventually Harvey and Mike will rally to help him like he did for them, but Louis would have to confess first and that won’t be easy for him. There’s also still the SEC matter hanging over their heads – that’s not going away any time soon either.

Now it’s your turn. Did you enjoy the episode? Which heartbreaking moment hurt the worst? How awesome is Louis? How great was it seeing Harvey and Mike being bros again? Why don’t people listen to Donna the first time? Which issue do you think is going to bite them first – Forstman or the SEC? Hit the comments and share your thoughts and theories with us!

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