‘The Voice’s’ Adam Levine Delivers the Goods in ‘Begin Again’

Adam Levine
(L-R) KEIRA KNIGHTLEY and ADAM LEVINE star in BEGIN AGAIN; Photo by Andrew Schwartz - © 2014 The Weinstein Company. All rights reserved

Usually I am with my laptop writing up the latest adventures occurring on NBC’s Emmy award winning, The Voice, but today I’m writing a review on a project from one of the show’s coaches, Adam Levine. It shouldn’t be any different as any other review that I’ve written about him, but this time, instead of placing focus on his coaching abilities and his finesse in getting the coveted “Four Chair Turn”, the focus is on this young man’s new heights in successfully stepping from the red swivel chair and away from the microphone and stepping out onto the big screen.
Last week, while he was in New York with the cast of the new movie, Begin Again, for its red carpet premiere, TVSource Magazine’s resident The Voice reviewer was at the Marcus Majestic theatre here in Brookfield, WI for the same premiere.  After hearing great things about the film from those at the Tribeca Film Festival and the glowing reviews from star Keira Knightley about Adam’s performance in his first feature film, I was more than anxious for the chance to view this film and see for myself just exactly how the singer did in his first time on the big screen.

Let me say this – anyone who has or will go see Begin Again, whose title was changed from Can a Song Save Your Life? shortly after the Tribeca Film Festival, can’t say the word “typecast” when it comes to Adam’s role of Dave Kohl. While he is playing a musician that received the sweet taste of getting his first recording contract, that’s where the similarities end. This isn’t Adam’s first acting role, he’s done it before in a few episodes of the FX show, American Horror Story, but for his debut film, he did an excellent job.

In the film, Gretta (Keira Knightley) and Dave (Levine) play song-writing and romantic partners who make their way to New York shortly after he lands a music deal with a big record label.  Throughout, you learn that Dave has succumbed to the temptations that are out there for him based on his newfound fame, and he breaks up with Gretta.  Gretta, however, after being heard performing at a bar by Dan Mulligan (Mark Ruffalo), a record label executive, who just happened to have been fired, is offered to perform and record her music in various locations of New York.

Not to give away the movie, I will say that reading the synopsis and hearing Adam’s own personal descriptions in interviews about who is character is and how his character acts won’t do anyone much good in deciding what they are going to think about him.  Of course, when I read those synopsis and heard the interviews, I too automatically though, “he’s going to be a total jerk” in this movie.  Upon seeing the premiere, I didn’t think the character was a total jerk, but rather a guy who simply got caught up in the trappings of first-time fame that made him pull a jerk move.

Adam’s role in the film is a great stepping stone that could lead to the possibility of more roles, should he desire to pursue them (which I’m sure he will based off comments made in recent interviews about the film). He definitely had great chemistry with Keira and it’s an even bigger plus for him to showcase his given talent as a singer.  Many who are familiar with Adam’s musical career with the band, know that he’s a great vocalist, however, his being solo just showed something very raw and very inviting to want more.  Bottom line, he just fit the role from his very first scene to his last.

Is there anything that Adam can’t achieve?  He’s on an all-time high career wise and on July 2, everyone will have the chance to see his movie debut when Begin Again opens.  But let’s not forget that he will be returning for the 7th season of The Voice, with Blake Shelton and new coaches Gwen Stefani and Pharrell when it airs September 22.

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