‘The Good Wife’ Review: In Alicia We Trust

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“We are now Florrick, Agos and Lockhart.” Music to my ears! I fully confess to fist pumping and yelling “YES!” at this moment. Since the unfortunate passing of Will Gardner, I’ve wanted nothing more than for Alicia and Diane to join forces. Well, I mean, other than Will’s death to be a horrible nightmare.

It is quite possible that I am alone in this, but I enjoyed ‘Trust Issues’ far more than last week’s premiere. That’s not saying that the premiere was bad, it was fantastic. It’s just proof that this show just gets better and better with every episode. I do not know what magical powers the geniuses in the writers’ room possess, but once again this hour was so full of magnificent writing that it was over before I knew it (How do they do that? This doesn’t happen with any other show for me!).

Alicia gets revenge

Having to deal with things on her own, seeing as her partner is still locked up, Alicia is left to deal with ChumHum’s latest lawsuit, which pits her against the woman that declined her a job all of those years ago: Lorainne Joy. Wasting no time on niceties, Alicia quickly takes control of the situation resulting in the woman later expressing her regret that she didn’t hire her. A very much deserved score for you, Mrs. Florrick! Alicia in boss mode is mesmerizing to watch, so these scenes were like a beautifully wrapped gift.

Finn pokes the bear(s)

And by that I mean he’s probably not Alicia and Diane’s favorite person right now. Calling Alicia to the stand as a ‘hostile witness’ (Seriously? Dude. Tread lightly, because you have NO idea who you’re dealing with), he made things incredibly difficult for them by bringing to the judge’s attention that Lemond Bishop may have been indirectly involved with the sudden appearance of the $1.3 million for Cary’s bail. A discovery that causes the judge to order a subpoena for Bishop, resulting in his pulling the bail money. Thanks, Finn. Forever useless (I do not like him). Except, I did get a delicious Alicia and Bishop scene because of you so, thanks for that, I guess.

Persistent Eli is…persistent

Never one to back away from a challenge, Eli still has not let up on his idea that Alicia should run for State’s Attorney. He even goes as far as coercing Valerie Jarrett (Yes. The senior advisor to the president) to call Alicia and try to encourage her to run. As adolescent as this whole phone call seems (he scripted it for her!), it’s extremely funny and as much as she may deny it, definitely makes Alicia think. Enter Ernie Nolan, who under the impression that she will be running, randomly visits to offer up the money for Cary’s bail. Thank everything holy that, regardless of Robyn’s insistence she take it, Alicia refused his offer (another fist pump). Needless to say, these two events brought her right to Eli’s office to reprimand him for continuing to try and convince her, by any means, to run. “I’m. Not. Running.” Damn if those aren’t famous last words, if I ever heard them.

Peter won’t help

Good news: Alicia is approved for the second mortgage on her apartment she applied for to help with Cary’s bail! Bad news: Peter has to sign off on it as well. He refuses to. Let’s be real. Did we expect him to? No. While I hate to admit, he has a point. It won’t look good. On the other hand, I get where Alicia is coming from in wanting to help her partner. Therefore, it does bother me that he doesn’t see that and immediately shuts her down instead of trying to help. These two, though. When they fight, they do not hold back. We all know that, when upset, Alicia aims to harm with her words and boy does she. Ever the competitor, Peter gives as good as he gets, which results in a nasty exchange between the still married couple. One can’t help but wonder how much longer this arrangement between them can possibly continue.

Diane breaks hearts

A 10 to 5 vote calls for a new firm name; Florrick, Agos & Lockhart. Continuing her charade of retirement, Diane tries to convince Dean Levine-Wilkins to follow her to Florrick/Agos. Initially, he thinks she’s joking and who wouldn’t, right? However, after much consideration, he decides to leave with her and in turn convinces six department heads to do the same. SIX. Dean, we don’t know anything about you yet, but you get a whole lot of points just for that. One of the final scenes of the episode was of Diane taking her final walk down the halls of Lockhart/Gardner and entering the elevator. When she turned and whispered, “Goodbye” before the doors closed, my heart broke and my eyes started leaking. All I could see were the many beautiful moments she’s shared with Will there and I don’t think I’m alone when I say that I was NOT ready for that. We all knew it was coming but that did not make it any easier.

Cary is released

In the final moment of the episode, Alicia steps off of the elevator at F/A to see Cary standing there. If ever there were any doubt to how much these two have grown and the relationship that has formed between them, this whole ordeal of Cary’s brings it to light. “We missed you,” Alicia says before hugging him. What?! How freaking adorable was that?! No one can deny that, unless you are her kids, Alicia is not much of a hugger. So, this moment resonated with me and showed just how much he means to her. My only fear is that with Diane now being a part of their firm, which he was strongly against, their friendship may start to fray at the edges. However, it will be great to see them all work, or fight, together.

My final thought: If you know anyone who is not watching this show, show them the error of their ways. I do this all the time and have lost count of how many people I have made fans of the brilliance that is The Good Wife. Everyone should have this show in their life!

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