Y&R Fall Fromo: Sex, Proposals, Shocking Secrets and Returns

If you miss The Young and the Restless this fall, you’ll miss everything! In the new fall promo, CBS touts the sweet proposals, hidden desires, shocking secrets, unexpected surprises and sexy exes!

Here’s what we were able to gleam in the 40-second clip.

  • Nick proposes to Sharon (yay!)
  • Devon and Hilary finally make love (yes, get it!)
  • Billy wants to see where his relationship with Chelsea goes, much to Victoria’s chagrin (omg, triple yay)
  • Mariah teases Victor with Sharon’s secret.
  • Ashley stakes her claim on Jabot’s CEO position.
  • Avery’s sexy ex-husband Joe arrives in Genoa City (how could she cheat on that?).
  • Phyllis unleashes an animalistic scream and is later shown out of the clinic.
  • Sharon’s bachelorette party looks like it’ll be a blast with Mariah, Abby, Kelly, Lily (maybe others) and sexy strippers!
  • Nikki shares more drinks with Ben and Kelly’s mother.

This promo definitely has me excited for what’s to come this fall on The Young and the Restless. What about you?

Don’t miss out on The Young and the Restless this fall!