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‘Days of Our Lives’ Recap: Jordan’s secret is revealed; Sami goes to Hollywood


Really? Dannifer and Kristen?

I honestly do not want to talk too much about this. It’s honestly just preposterous… offensive, even. Kristen and Jennifer are both flawed characters of course but they’re redeemable. Put them in the right situation and you don’t feel slimy for rooting for them. When it comes to Daniel Jonas, there’s never been a time that I felt like I could relate to him or want him to do well. I’ve always just wanted him gone. From the beginning of Kristen’s brief return storyline where she kidnapped Daniel, I prayed that they would not take it into the direction it felt like things were headed.

All of the pseudo bondage sets up a strange cat-and-mouse play of sexual tension for the two characters that I’ve yet to see more than three people say they enjoy. There’s just something about Daniel’s character that just does not work. I think this story would have been a hundred times more enjoyable had it all started with Jennifer. Kristen could have easily kidnapped her former friend Jennifer to pump her for information about Brady and the two of them both have it out for Theresa too.  They could have easily become partners after said kidnapping ordeal to take her down. And the blow up after Kristen inevitably lands into bed with Dr. Dan? Much more satisfying than this partly creepy push and pull Dan and Kristen have been giving us. Kristen’s said it numerous times since she’s come back to town in more ways than one: Daniel Jonas just isn’t on her level. Please don’t torture us with them.

Kristen thankfully did not share many scenes with Daniel this week as she was much too busy bringing Theresa down one person at a time. There were a few eyebrow raising moments such as when Kristen toyed with the buttons on the doctor’s shirt, purring about “meetings of the mind” and trying to get him to down champagne. Of course, this is when Jennifer arrives at Kristen’s hotel room and the awkwardness forces Daniel to hit the road. The two women go at it verbally with Jennifer wondering (or worrying) if Kristen is now going after Daniel instead of Brady while Kristen calls her old friend out on her judgmental attitude – the reason Daniel left her. Jennifer can’t take the truth and walks out on her leaving room for Brady to come by later. Kristen who has just begun listening in on Theresa and Eve’s unfruitful conversation drops that in favor of speaking with her ex-fiance. He wants to repay her for saving his father’s life but she’ll have none of that, insisting to Brady that she did it for their love. Brady would have believed her had he not given her two chances already so he tells her it’s time to move on and leaves Kristen shouting that there’s no future for him and Theresa. Luckily for her, she gets the perfect nugget of information from Anne Millbauer’s bugged purse to prove just that to Brady.

Salem rallies around Sami

Kate and Lucas try to convince Sami of the severity of her situation.She may have blackmailed, played a major part in murders, stolen and drugged half of the town but when Sami Brady the widow found herself in legal trouble this week, just about everyone came to help. Even the people no one would ever expect to lift a finger for the longtime trickster. We’ve been seeing a lot of them lately but Kate and Sami were particularly heartwarming this week. Kate Roberts was the one who initially found out about Sami’s illegal business dealings and volunteered without any ulterior motive to help her get out of this mess. It took over twenty years but they were finally working together for reasons that weren’t selfish; even Lucas jumped in on the action, trying to make Sami understand that the feds could very well knock down her door any moment if she didn’t act now, but she was still too drained from the passing of EJ Dimera and wrangling together her traumatized young children. So in a shock twist, eavesdropping Will Horton used this information to help his family instead of trying to bring it down this time, rushing across town to the Kiriakis Mansion to ask his husband’s great-uncle Victor to perform a miracle.

Had this been a few years ago, I’m sure Victor would have tossed Will out (after calling his mother a few choice words) but now that Will’s family he couldn’t just say no. Victor almost comes upon an extremely rare scene of Kate holding Sami close as they both cry over the nightmare Sami’s just had involving being taken away to jail in front of Alli but, luckily for them, he just misses it. He announces his plan to help Sami get out of this mess for Will and Sonny’s sake but she’s got to get herself together. So for the first time in probably a long time, Sami showers and gets herself dressed only to bump into a group of well-dressed corporate robots downstairs awaiting her arrival.

Immediately thinking they’re federal agents, Sami goes on guard but Kate soon shows back up at the mansion with information from that butler that they’re not the SEC, but producers from Universal Pictures. Believe it or not, they want to make a movie out of Sami Brady-Dimera’s life! Chad comes upon them and wants information on what’s going on but the women do not trust him. His father Stefano calls soon after, despondent but curious about what Samantha and Katerina are up to and coming up with a plan to ruin their business plans. Both women are angry when they hear this but Chad assures he just wants to help. Sami tells him of her predicament so he and Kate can go plan ahead.

With everyone out of the mansion, Sydney Dimera goes to show her mother her latest artwork of her family including “Mommy Nicole” to Sami’s surprise. As if by magic, Nicole reluctantly shows up after Rafe Hernandez gave her pep talk, wanting to check in on Sydney – and Sami too after all the emotional trauma. Touched by Sydney’s picture, Nicole and Sami get through their awkward stage and hug it out, sobbing over EJ’s passing. Over drinks and laughter, the two enemies come to a truce, reminiscing on how important EJ was to the two of them for better or for worse. For her and the kid’s safety, Nicole urges Sami to take the Hollywood offer which Sami eventually does after hearing news that Victor got her matters settled with the SEC. Nicole asks if she can see Sydney one last time to which Sami surprisingly agrees to and while Nicole is upstairs reading Sydney a story, Will and one of the producers show up to try and get Will to come along for the Hollywood ride as well.

No one really expected for Sami Brady to leave town this way… to such little fanfare let alone without burning torches and pitchforks. For me, I still see EJ Dimera’s death as a bit cheap and senseless (though his final scenes and Stefano’s urn revelation leaves a lot of that open) but Sami leaving for Hollywood to make a movie based on her life is fitting. This is the woman who was disguised as a man for months. It’s a bit out there and not to mention sudden, but it feels a little bit like the old Days when characters could be whisked off to do a number of things for a while only to show back up in town again. The door’s open for Sami Brady anytime now. I’m sure she’ll someday swing by Salem with a nice royalty check to blow.

What did you all think worked well on Days this week? What didn’t work? And most importantly, do you think the Days writers are giving Sami Brady a proper sendoff? There’s a lot to talk about so feel free to let it all out in the comments or tweet me! I want to hear your feedback, it’ll help me greatly!

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