‘Sons of Anarchy’ Review: ‘The Separation of Crows’


I cannot put my finger on it, but there was just something about tonight’s episode. Too soon again? BOBBY! Just when you thought things couldn’t really get any worse…yep it gets worse. I smell a theme of this season: When shit is bad, it can only get shitier. Death would actually be a relief at this point, but there will always be casualties when aiming solely for revenge. This week Jax’s world continues to tailspin, as Bobby has not been rescued, and his charter has been put in jeopardy. Let’s take a look at the big happenings this week.

Da Birds: Gemma’s birds were murdered. She showed more sadness losing the damn birds then when anyone has died. It was like a scene out of The Godfather with bird parts all over the mattress.  I have to say, if Abel did this I am impressed with his serial killer tendencies. I am also impressed he was able (no pun intended this time) to reach the bed, or the cage, or write “No Son is Safe” on the wall. Able is not that poetic, or smart, or ….we aren’t supposed to believe he did this right? Wouldn’t he have written, “No SUN is safe?” Or am I supposed to think he did it and then be surprised it was someone else? Either way, I am pretty sure that kid had a metal lunchbox to the head coming. I’ve said it before and I will say it again…ALL COURTNEY LOVE’s FAULT!

CameHO: Speaking of the cameho devil, yeah Love was back. Hopefully Gemma at least punches her once because she ain’t special. A normal teacher would have called child protective services already.  I also saw Patrick Swayze’s brother. Do I know his name? No, because he is Patrick Swayze’s brother. He was the husband of Gib O’ Leary’s (Jury’s dead son) mother. Might I add that this lady is on every show as the strung out meth head. I am not even going to look up her name either, because honestly it would kill the mystique for me. Loved her on Breaking Bad and True Blood….and OMG she’s been in everything. It’s Dale Dickey dammit. She has a dude’s name and everything! She was also bitten by a snake according to IMDB, so I vote she gets her own damn show.

Awwww: Jax says: “I love you Philip,” and then Chibs says,” I love you Jackson.” Someone hand me a tissue because this isn’t going to end well. Fucking based on Hamlet folks, errrbody dies! Why does this show make me have feeeellllinnggggsssss??!?!?! Jax thinks he has failed as a leader, but Chibs picks him back up again and tells him HE is their president and they will follow his lead…..which he clearly regrets later one, but we’lll get to that…

Party on Wayne: Unser still isn’t dead. He was even nice enough to remind us all he is dying. I feel like he’s been dying since season 5, but amazingly he is pretty much outliving everyone. Neat. Anywho, Juice is being a model solitary confinement prisoner, but he needs to get to the general population. He asks for a meeting with Althea and Unser. In this meeting he agrees to name who killed Tara if he gets moved. Unser figures it out that he wants to kill Lin. He also realizes that he is missing a piece of the puzzle. He knows there is more to Juice and Gemma’s story but he hasn’t figured it out yet. How much do you want to bet he figures it out and then FINALLY keels over and dies before he can say anything? That would not be shocking whatsoever.

Stop Accepting Deliveries: You would think they’d stop opening boxes full of Bobby, but Jax and his crew aren’t that smart. Marks warns Jax he will send pieces of Bobby as long as Jax protects the pastor’s family. He also wants to know where the pastor’s body is buried. Bobby is also being questioned, but refuses to give over any information. Bobby is going to go full Otto and ride out the worst torture ever before talking. Unfortunately for Bobby, Jax would not turn over the family, just the body. So Bobby lost his fingers and will never ride again. At this point I am okay with Bobby dying since they are just torturing him. He’s better off considering he is losing body parts on a daily basis. BOBBY NO!! And unfortunately once Bobby has been removed from SAMCRO….they’ve lost all their brains, and have no idea what to do.

Like Father, Like Son: So Abel must get his temper from his daddy because Jax went psycho again this episode. The club finds out that Jury was Gib’s father, and they assume he is the rat who leaked information to Lin and his gang. Jury denies this to Jax, saying he is not a rat. For some reason, I believe him.  Which means, one of the boys could be the rat. Hmm…..I wonder…

Jury also offered Jax some real talk. He says he was close to his father at the end, and that his father would have hated the man he has become. I’ve been saying all along that Jax totally missed the meaning behind all his dad’s journals, and that he is becoming more like Clay, not John. And you know what, I think I am right, because Jury said so! Jax accuses Clay of killing his father, and Jury says he has heard those rumors but doesn’t believe them to be true. He insinuates that John would have known if his bike was tampered with, and that he may have purposely killed himself to save his family. Well OH SNAP! This is something Gemma also had said in the past, but I always assumed she was a lying bitch. And John’s letters indicated that Gemma and Clay would have killed him if he ended up dying…I AM CONFUSED! Someone ask that damn rock what really happened, because the Clay killing JT version is the one we have kept getting this whole damn show!

Jax isn’t pleased by anything Jury has to say so he shoots him. Which. Was. Not. Smart. There is an order to things! There are votes! There is paperwork! There is, what have you done?! Jax lies and says it was self defense, WHERE?! Chibs thinks this will be a huge deal, and other charters will want answers. What Jax did is a very big No No. I mean they had to vote for Clay to even die! Jax keeps lying that it was self defense, but really he was just ticked off at Jury’s opinion of John and himself. Why lie to Chibs? And does it not dawn on Jax that he has killed a member of SAMCRO, just like his favorite worst enemy Clay? We’ve come full circle!!

What on earth is going to happen?!?! Will the club find Bobby? Or is he going to lose more body parts? Will Abel dig up all the dead birds and stitch them back together for Gemma? Will Nero and Wendy hook up? (too much bonding lately!) Will Gemma stab me in the head for suggesting this? Find out next week on an all new Sons of Anarchy!

Amanda Drago
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