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General Hospital Spoilers: October 13, 2014 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Elizabeth opens up to Jake, Nina lashes out at Silas, Sabrina attempts to make things right, Franco and Sonny continue with their respective plans. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of October 13, 2014.

General Hospital Spoilers: Best Laid Plans

With the cat now out of the bag, Silas discusses Nina’s progress with her physical therapist Travis. Silas corners Nina about her recent activities. Later Franco involuntarily provides Silas with some information about Nina while a desperate Nina warns Rosalie that she will reveal her secret if she does not help her with her next scheme.

Nina lashes out at Silas for all that has happened to her the past 20 years. In the meantime, Nathan learns some overwhelming news about Nina and rushes to find her. Silas informs both Kiki and Nathan about his run in with Nina. Will an improbable person prove useful to Nina as she continues to plot her revenge?

Meanwhile, Ava experiences terrible pregnancy pains but refuses to seek help out of fear of losing her life. Morgan and Kiki strategize on how to get Ava help while keeping her safe. Sabrina confides in Felix her doubts that Ava caused her accident and confesses about what she did. Sabrina attempts to make her wrong right while Morgan puts Ava at ease.

Also this week

Sonny calls Shawn to move forward on their plans to destroy Franco and later fine tunes his ploy against Franco by setting up a fall guy. Franco continues to build his master plan and seeks help from an unlikely source.

At their meeting in Amsterdam, Patrick, Sam and Tracy get a bit of a surprise. Ignoring Sam and Patrick’s advice, Tracy decides to put everything on the line.

Elizabeth starts to open up more to Jake leading her to make a revelation about him. She continues to wonder if there is more to him than appears. What will her curiosity uncover?

  • An awkward reunion makes Obrecht question someone’s true motive.
  • Nathan and Maxie are reminded of the consequences if the two are caught around one another.
  • Britt prepares to take her relationship with Nikolas to the next level.
  • Brad warns Britt what might happen if Nikolas ever finds out the truth.
  • Jordan visits Jake to see what he remembers about the night of the crash.
  • Bobbie questions if Carly wants to go through with the wedding.
  • Franco has a request for Michael.


Source Sneak Peek: October 20

Bobbie and Brad inspire Lucas to explore his career options. Nina and Franco compare notes. Michael begins to uncover the truth about AJ’s murder. Is Ava’s baby out of the woods?

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