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General Hospital Spoilers: October 6, 2014 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Silas learns a shocking truth; Maxie and Nathan go on a date; Sabrina has second thoughts; Elizabeth continues to try to uncover the identity of John Doe. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of October 6, 2014.

General Hospital Spoilers: Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Franco and Nina continue to spy on Carly and Sonny. This time Franco decides to confront them and asks Sonny for an apology. As Franco contemplates his next move, he opens up to Nina. Meanwhile a frustrated Sonny conspires with Shawn on how they can take down Franco for good.

Nina’s lies may be catching up to her as Silas learns a shocking truth and becomes apprehensive towards her. Silas calls Sam and admits her theories on Nina might be correct. What will this mean for Silas and Sam’s relationship? At the end of the week, Silas gets an update on Nina’s true condition.

Meanwhile, Patrick and Sam strategize with Tracy on their plan to find Luke. Later, Sam and Patrick surprisingly find themselves in an awkward predicament. Tracy tells Sam and Patrick she wants some alone time with Luke before they confront him. Tracy arrives at her meeting with Luke.

Also this week

Maxie and Nathan get reacquainted on a dinner date. While at dinner, Maxie and Nathan run into Monica and her surprising date. Later, Judge Waters has an ultimatum for Maxie regarding her daughter that could affect her new relationship with Nathan. Maxie and Nathan update Lulu and Dante, respectively, on their dilemma.

Elizabeth is optimistic about the recovery of the John Doe patient and is determined to figure out his true identity. Elizabeth turns to Dante for help in getting information.

While Morgan tries to get Ava her pain pills, Sabrina begins to second guess her theory on Ava but can her evil deeds be undone? Jordan assures a guilty Sabrina that her problem is solved. Ava remains unaware about the potential risk to her baby.

  • Bobbie tells Carly she feels very guilty about keeping her secret from Scott.
  • Obrecht opens the door to a surprise visitor.
  • Shawn tells Jordan he is going to find Ava.
  • Alexis interrupts Ned and Olivia’s date.
  • Rosalie receives some harsh news and makes a scandalous discovery.
  • Nikolas and Spencer have an unexpected request for Britt.
  • Lucy seeks comfort from Duke after she sees Scott.
  • Rosalie hesitantly agrees to keep her discovery a secret.
  • Milo and Epiphany go on a date that get a little rocky.


Source Sneak Peek: October 13

Nina lashes out at Silas. Franco and Sonny continue their plots. Morgan puts Ava at ease. Tracy puts it all on the line.

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  1. No scotty and lucy together plz not bobbie

  2. I will start watching GH again next coming week because I’m so dying to know the secret that Bobbie is hiding from Scotty (I truly hope they have a long lost child together).

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