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‘How to Get Away with Murder’ Recap: ‘We’re Not Friends’


Episode five, “We’re Not Friends,” of How To Get Away With Murder picks right back up in the past with more little clues concerning Sam’s murder, Annalise trying to nail down where her beloved cheating husband was the night of Lila’s murder, and everyone trying to present a defense to save a boy from a murder conviction for saving his abused mother.  Let’s get right to it.

The Case

Annalise has accepted a case defending a son charged with murdering his father, a police officer. A man who also beat his wife on a daily basis. The importance of jury selection or “Voir Dire” is what will make or break this case for Annalise and her team, since the prosecution has used the media to turn the tide of public opinion against the son. Basically, they have to pull on the jurors’ heartstrings instead of using the actual law. Of course, Connor uses his junk to get ahead and it works once again because one of the jurors takes the bait and leaves him an obviously biased message for him on “humpr” and ends up getting dismissed from the jury. Connor should be regularly tested for STD’s if every case is going to be won by his magic wand by the way.

Meanwhile, Laurel takes it upon herself to accidentally-on-purpose leave a juror information on what “jury nullification” is on a bench when she realizes that they’re not going to win. Frank watches the whole thing play out, but doesn’t rat her out to Annalise, even when Annalise demands it. Frank and Laurel argue over him protecting her from Annalise, which is really just foreplay before a pretty hot kiss. Of course, Laurel runs back to her boyfriend and bangs him on some uncomfortable chair in a study hall rather than deal with her feelings for Frank. In the end, the judge declares a mistrial because the jury has been tampered with and the son gets a plea deal to avoid a murder charge. It’s nice to see a client, who deserves a win, get a win. Even all the kids are touched in their Machiavellian hearts.

Sam’s Murder and The Kids

The Kids are arguing amongst themselves in flashforwards over Laurel getting a phone call from Frank in the middle of the body disposal. Michaela thinks Laurel told Frank what happened, while really what happened was Frank just wants to talk to his boo. Back off, Michaela. And as to Connor judging Laurel for cheating on Khan with Frank. Really, sir? Also, it appears Michaela was supposed to return the statue to Asher’s place but Laurel volunteers instead because Michaela is a blubbering fool still looking for her lost engagement ring in the middle of the forest.  Apparently, Laurel’s master plan is taking the statue to Frank’s apartment? Why is she adding people into this cover up? Mess.

The Coed’s Murder

Meanwhile, Annalise demands answers from Sam about his affair with Lila and he spills the beans about his summer fling with her. Annalise lets us see that there’s way more to their backstory with the “It’s how you like your mistresses. Weak, broken…” line. Welp, Annalise was the other woman and has apparently always feared the saying, “How you got him is how you’ll lose him.” It’s very telling that Annalise is going full steam ahead on Sam’s ass about cheating, while staying VERY quiet about her affair with Nate, especially since she seems to have real feelings for him. Annalise definitely does not trust Sam, but she sure does know how to eff with him. She has Sam do Rebecca’s psychological evaluation in their home with her listening. This is why you don’t piss off Annalise Keating, not only will she find out about your mistake, your face will have carpet from your nose being rubbed in it. You’re also going to be sleeping on the couch.

Of course Bonnie continues to look like a lovesick teenager pining after Sam in homeroom.  Also, it’s the worst kept secret in the law practice, because Annalise straight up calls Bonnie out on her crush on Sam when she learns how Bonnie got the dvd of Rebecca’s confession. It should be noted that Annalise is pissed off at Bonnie mainly because Nate is still very pissed off at her for losing his job. Speaking of Nate, he drops the bomb that Sam was not at Yale the night Lila was murdered and then sends Annalise home to sleep with a maybe murderer.  That’s a stand up guy right there.

Rebecca update: RebeccaQuinn is annoying as hell and I wish her nose ring would catch on a doorjamb that she so easily meanders in and out of. The only info learned from her this week was that she doesn’t recognize Sam as Lila’s “Mr. Darcy.” She does, however, recognize the wallpaper in the background of the Sam’s peen picture while she’s in Annalise’s house and decides to jump bail because she’s an idiot.  Wes isn’t far behind her and goes to check out the wallpaper…in Annalise’s bedroom, with a ready-for-bed Annalise in it. Again, the vibe between these two is so bizarre that I watch them just to see if Annalise is going to kill him during a sex session or hug him while he breaks down like a three year old. Hats off to Viola and Alfred for making that relationship so complex and twisty.

Overall? Another great episode. The slow layering of details of the kids covering up Sam’s murder is a great build for what will undoubtedly be a cluster of things gone wrong for them. Also, I’m really enjoying the chemistry between Viola and Tom Verica. These two manage to pull off a very complicated relationship with not only their words, but their subtle body language of people who walk the fine line of love and hate.

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