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‘The Good Wife’ Photo Preview: ‘Oppo Research’


“If I ran, what’s the plan?” That’s where the last episode of The Good Wife left us. With Alicia arriving at Eli’s office tentatively taking the first step toward a decision on the matter of whether or not to run for State’s Attorney. We don’t see Eli’s response, though I’m willing to bet he wore a Cheshire cat-like grin and practically leaped out of his chair. Nor do we know if Alicia is actually running…yet.

In “Oppo Research” Alicia agrees to a meeting with Eli and Jonathan Elfman (guest star Steven Pasquale), a possible campaign manager that he’d like her to consider. Will Eli and Jonathan succeed in convincing Alicia to run? During this meeting, the topic of skeletons comes up. Specifically, the ones that reside in that wonderful closet we all want a chance to raid belonging to Alicia. Which brings us all to wonder, what skeletons could she possibly have? You mean to tell us that “Saint Alicia” is hiding (poorly) more than her past relationship with Will? Things just got even more interesting.

Of course, Alicia will not make such a major decision without consulting those closest to her and hearing their opinions. Enter Veronica and Owen for a very welcome visit. Will her mother and brother support her decision if she were to run? Is it possible that one or both of them could be a skeleton in her closet? Then there are her children, Zach and Grace. Being away at college does not mean that Zach’s opinion does not matter to his mother. So, will he be there for Alicia or will he be against her running? How will Grace feel? She’s still living with their mother and will therefore be the one who mainly deals with the effects of Alicia’s campaign.

No matter what her decision is or what the outcome will be if she decides to run, we are excited for this to play out. We are about to witness another layer of Alicia Florrick peel away as she exits her comfort zone. Check out the photo gallery and share your thoughts with us!

The Good Wife airs Sunday, Oct. 12 at 9/8c on CBS (or whenever football ends for the East Coast/Central viewers)

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