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‘The Originals’ Preview: Will Klaus realize Esther has returned?


The Mikaelson brothers teamed up with Hayley, Marcel and Cami to bring down their werewolf enemies last week on The Originals. They succeeded in killing Francesca and her brothers and collecting all of the moon rings that strip Klaus of his energy, but their troubles are far from over. Not only is Mikael still a threat, but Esther is plotting with the two sons she brought back from the dead – all of them sporting borrowed bodies.

We know “Alive and Kicking” will bring Elijah face to face with Mikael thanks to the video preview provided by The CW. We’re wondering how he managed to escape Davina’s attic or if the young witch let him off his leash for the evening, why would she choose to do that? Could she have found a way to break the bloodline link that ties Marcel and Josh’s lives to Klaus’?

Meanwhile, Klaus convinces Hayley to try and reclaim her werewolf pack now that Francesca is gone. In typical Klaus fashion, his methods include brute force, which we’re guessing won’t earn a positive response from Oliver and company. To make matters more complicated, Esther wants to make her own deal with the werewolves since witches and werewolves once lived in harmony until the vampires came along (funny how she seems to forget she created vampires).

Naturally, Klaus finds himself unimpressed with the latest teenage witch to stand against him. But what happens when the two have a face to face chat? Will Klaus recognize his mother beneath the surface? We hope so since switching bodies is a popular family trick. We’re also dying to know why she brought Kol and Finn back with her since the last time Esther was around, her one and only goal was killing all of her children. But maybe it’s just the vampires she wants to rid from the world.

Check out the photo gallery and then hit the comments below and share your thoughts and theories with us! What do you think is Esther’s true goal? Why is Kol helping her? Will Klaus and Elijah put the family puzzle pieces together sooner rather than later?

The Originals airs Monday, Oct. 13 at 8/7c on The CW.

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