‘The Good Wife’ Review: ‘Shiny Objects’


Penguins, cockroaches and clowns! Oh my! For some, I may have just described their worst nightmare. Others may think I’m just getting into the Halloween spirit. When, in fact, I’m just highlighting some of the comedic tones delivered by this week’s episode of The Good Wife.

Heading into “Shiny Objects”, we knew we were in for a treat with the knowledge that Carrie Preston would be returning as Elsbeth Tascioni; everyone’s favorite scatterbrained lawyer. What we didn’t know was how confused the episode would leave us. Or how many questions the events throughout the hour have now brought to the surface. Let’s discuss some of those, shall we?

Elsbeth – Welcome back!

After opening the episode with a fairly…odd…journey through the mind of Ms. Tascioni, we see her learn that she will be facing Alicia in court. I surely cannot speak for everyone, but am willing to bet that I am not alone in wishing I were the one hugging Elsbeth. Admittedly, the idea of these two brilliant lawyers fighting each other in court as opposed to working together made me a bit nervous. While I understand Alicia’s need to win, using her knowledge of how Elsbeth’s brain works to benefit her was actually kind of mean. Genius. Hilarious. But, mean. However, I don’t think I would feel the same if it were anyone else. Elsbeth is just…come on…who can be mean to her? As the case went on and we wondered who would come out on top, a federal charge arises, taking precedence over the civil suit and causing the two women to now work on the same side. Phew! That was a close one.

tgw-605-02Diane – Just say no!

Anybody else yell, “What are you doing?!” at their screen and slap their forehead when Diane clicked on that link? Of course, I immediately burst into laughter as well. The fact that it was her that caused the hack is just pure perfection. Watching as she tried to meet the demands of the Ransomware by paying with bitcoin, which landed her on the phone with the help desk when the transaction seemed to fail, helped me to forget that everything else that was happening in the episode was confusing me. Add to that, her battle with the many failings of her new offices to meet her standards with its leaky ceilings and gross cockroaches leading up to a conversation with Alicia where she informs her new partner that she holds the lease to the LG office space. Will they be moving soon? (Crossing everything that what I want/need to happen will and in the manner I imagine.)

Finn – Why?

No, really. Why? Why are you here? Why are we being made to think that you are important? It took me five episodes to finally stop playing nice. Finn is pointless. I truly do not get why Alicia feels the need to include him in everything? What are we missing? I say we, because this is the one matter where the vast majority of fans are united. If there were scenes to back up this newfound inclusion of him in her life, then I would surely cut him some slack, but there are not. The question we would all really like an answer to, though? How is he a hero? Last time I checked, Will Gardner was dead (Moment of silence because that hurt just typing it out). One can only hope things start to make sense soon, because I am one lost puppy right now.

Alicia – Grab the popcorn and wine!

Heavy sigh. How is this woman capable of making me feel every emotion toward her, good and bad, in the span of one episode? Mindboggling. If I go over everything she said or did that made me blink and mutter, “What the f***?” we would be here for quite some time. So, I’ll save us some years on our lives and jump straight to her fight with Peter over Finn endorsing her (Btw, Eli and Elfman backing away from them when they realized things were about to get ugly real quick? Priceless).

First of all, please join me in a round of applause to the writers for that amazing parallel of episodes 1×23/2×01 and this one. Come on, clap with me now. Amazing. If you do not know what I’m referring to…I don’t even know what to say to you. Except, maybe go rewatch those? Now, let’s give props to Julianna Margulies and Chris Noth for the perfect way they carried out this scene. That whole thing was so powerful with so many truths spilled and more “WTF?” inducing moments from Alicia that I wanted to hit BOTH of them. That says a lot. It also shows just how much Alicia has grown since the first time they walked down that hallway in the pilot. When it seemed like Peter chose to maintain his stance against sharing the stage to endorse his wife and we were stuck with Finn the “hero” coming in to save the day, the governor had perfect timing. First time ever…EVER…in this series was I relieved to see him.

I cannot tell a lie. Pride overwhelmed me as I watched the last 45 seconds of the episode. The role reversal. Alicia is the candidate. Alicia is the one speaking. Peter is the one standing to the side. That alone was enough for me. Then the images started floating across the screen. Different news outlets, same image. Alicia, the scorned wife, standing by her husband’s side to Alicia, the new candidate for State’s Attorney. From scandal to the spotlight. Beautifully done.

What were your thoughts on this episode? Hit the comment box and let me know!

Chrissie Ortiz
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