‘The Vampire Diaries’ Preview: Can Elena convince her friends to embrace ‘Paradise’?

Now that Alaric has successfully removed Damon from Elena’s mind, the college girl wants to party on The Vampire Diaries. Tired of mourning everything and everyone they’ve lost, Elena convinces Caroline, Tyler, Matt, Jeremy and their other friends to come to a party at the swimming hole. What could possibly go wrong?

Knowing this show and its history with large gatherings, we’re going to go ahead and guess everything can and will go wrong in “Welcome to Paradise.” Stefan returns home (or close to home) in his quest to get revenge on Enzo for killing Ivy. Judging by the video preview, tensions are only going to rise even higher between the two vampires. But what happens when Stefan encounters the reprogrammed Elena?

Tyler’s still battling his anger issues and asks Liv for help. In return, she makes an unexpected confession. What does the witch have up her sleeve? Some new information from Matt leads Jeremy to realize that Elena could be in more danger than they thought thanks to the anti-magic spell surrounding Mystic Falls. Seriously, what could be worse than the potential of having vampirism stripped away and then feeling the effects of drowning (the way Elena should have died)? Color us curious.

Then we have Bonnie and Damon in 1994. We know the two will make a trip to the grocery store (how fun is their domestic life?). But we’re also interested in finding out who else is lingering in the Salvatore house with them. Could it be another familiar face from the Other Side? Or maybe it’s someone actually living in 1994. We’re honestly not picky at this point – we just want to see more of this twosome navigating their way through the past. And if Damon wants to dance some more, we’re not going to complain.

Check out the photo gallery and then hit the comments below to share your thoughts and theories with us. Do you want to see Stefan and Enzo go another round? What do Matt and Jeremy discover? Who’s hanging out with Bonnie and Damon?

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursday, Oct. 16 at 8/7c on The CW.