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‘Days of our Lives’ Recap: Daniel and Kristen Hit the Sheets; Sami Departs and Trouble in WilSon Paradise


Days of our Lives picked itself up again last week as it usually does! Their rough patches don’t always last very long which is good considering they tape so far in advance. Here are the highlights of a few storylines that stood out the most for the week of October 27, 2014 in Salem, USA!

Days of our Lives Recap | Episodes airing October 27-31. 2014

Dannifer is done forever…?

Of course not, right? This has to be some kind of joke, right? There’s no way that anyone on the Days writing team would listen to a couple thousand protesting fans of this couple! The couples consisting of Daniel Jonas and Jennifer Horton has had many high and low points – though even their high points were considered low to those looking in from the outside – but this week there seemed to be a sense of finality to their latest breakup on Jennifer’s end. Barely just a month has passed since Daniel and Jennifer made an agreement to speak over coffee to sort out their issues with one another. But that truce seems to have been discarded rather suddenly in favor of more close-face yelling. Though most often a judgmental shrew (she’s too young for that role, let Maggie Horton keep it!), I can sort of stand by Jennifer in this latest argument in the Dannifer saga.

This week, Jennifer lets her children know she’ll be going to visit her mother Laura for a few weeks. Apparently her mother will be having another procedure and needs her help; one has to wonder if Laura is still out there having her episodes and needs some kind of mental health procedure to bring them to a lull. Either way, Salem will be Jennifer-less for some time but she cannot leave without a few more jabs at Daniel. From Abigail, Jennifer hears that JJ has left to go meet with Daniel meaning she’ll have to track her son down to let him know of her departure. She’s upset because she realizes JJ has been going through something but now she sees that he’s obviously been taking those issues to Daniel, instead of her. When Jennifer reaches Salem University Hospital its right in time to hear JJ accepting the key to Daniel’s apartment to work out issues with Paige. Little does Jennifer know, JJ Is actually going through some trying times (albeit a little unbelievable), but from her point of view it sounds more like Daniel is playing the cool uncle who lets teenagers bang in his apartment. It’s very creepy that Daniel actually fits that archetype.

It might seem like you’re watching Days of Our Lives from months ago, but you’re actually not, it’s just Jennifer and Daniel rehashing the same old argument. Daniel thinks Jennifer is too judgmental where she feels like she can’t trust him because he’s hiding things from her. Tempers flare to the point that Jennifer finally declares she has no more love in her heart for the doctor, that she finally feels that things are over and done for them. The reality of losing Jennifer Horton hits Daniel like a ton of bricks and soon enough his tune changes, he’s begging her to realize they have something there still, that all of the interferences from outside forces (exes) and their own issues can be resolved because they need each other. This douchebag even goes on to remind Jennifer that he saved her life, like that should automatically make her leap into his arms. In this case, I think Jennifer’s argument actually makes whole lot more sense than Daniel trying to keep JJ’s troubles from her. Daniel is not JJ’s father, not his uncle nor his cousin, it’s understandable that maybe JJ wants to speak to a male figure in his life about this but it’s inappropriate to speak about such private things with your mother’s ex-boyfriend. JJ has family in every nook and cranny of Salem – and of both genders! There’s no reason for him to be going to Daniel Jonas for advice just because he’s the only man in his life now that Jack is dead again. Then to have him not tell Jennifer who is clearly worried about her child’s wellbeing, choosing to keep that to himself? It’s preposterous and I’m glad Jennifer cut it off with him. I can only hope and pray that this will be an actual nail in that couple’s coffin.

Desperation strikes for Kristen Dimera

The villain everyone loves to love, Kristen Dimera was hit with yet another fit of desperation this week. She’s never able to catch a break it seems, no matter if she has the best intentions or not. There must be a lot of bad karma stacked up against her in the universe for her to lose eight times out of ten. After finally securing the evidence she needed against Theresa Donovan, Kristen calls Brady Black to her hotel room to present the information. Unlike previously believed, it was Theresa that nearly killed John Black with the fireplace poker and not his son Brady. She thinks this her last chance to finally get back into Brady’s heart so when she lets him hear the recording, it’s hard for Kristen to hold back her excitement. Brady immediately doesn’t believe it for the fact that it sounds edited due to an audio skip and wants Kristen to give it up. Frantically, Kristen tries to explain to him that it’s real, that nothing was doctored by anyone employed by her family. She’s even had Anne Milbauer come into her suite to give a voice sample by repeating her name so that no one suspects any kind of audio tampering. This still is not good enough for Brady who thinks there’s always an ulterior motive in anything Kristen does whether It be delivering miracle coma awakening drugs or trying to bring down Theresa, whom he believes is an “innocent girl”. Nothing Kristen says reaches Brady who finds her to be nothing but hateful, even going so far as to call her the “ultimate addiction” that he no longer wants to partake in. He leaves to go visit his father in the hospital, leaving Kristen broken and hungry for the affection she thought she’d win from Brady with this evidence.days-daniel-kristen-sex-102714

It’s that desperation that sends her to Daniel Jonas’ apartment. This is after Jenn tells him that they’re over for good and he’s just about ready to drown his sorrows when she arrives. Kristen breaks down and uses Daniel for support, letting him know that she understands that she and Brady will never be together now. She asks Daniel if he’s happy that he was right in the end about her never getting Brady again but he barely responds prompting her to begin taunting him. Kristen thinks his silence is him enjoying her pain but he soon admits to being heartbroken as well though Kristen doesn’t believe it. When her taunting worsens, berating Daniel about doing something to get Theresa away from Brady only to pick at him about his insignificant fights with the perfect Jennifer Horton, Daniel finally snaps in a loud over-acting spiel announcing his break up with Jennifer. Kristen doesn’t think their break up is permanent if their past is taken into consideration but Daniel claims they’re officially over but her snappy words still get under his skin to the point that he snatches her up – and begins to kiss her.

Now I wanted to tune out for this moment but for the sake of these recaps, I had to watch one of my favorite female soap characters be… ravaged by Daniel Jonas. Though the classic soap trope of Brady walking in on them couldn’t get them to stop clawing at one another, a gradual sobering effect fell on them as tensions finally calmed making them realize that they didn’t even like one another enough to have sex. All of her earlier taunting aside, Kristen lets Daniel know that she’ll be leaving town but also that she hopes everything works out between him and Jennifer.

Luckily for us, Kristen is a Dimera and God doesn’t listen to their prayers and wishes.

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