General Hospital Recap: Franco Sets Off a Chain Reaction; Michael’s Got a Gun; Nina Steals Ava’s Baby

Nina completely checks out of reality

Only soap operas can make you feel for someone who blazed into a town and shot up anyone and everyone without much questions; Ava Jerome was not a character many had sympathy for until she became a pregnant target to Port Charles’ craziest. Vulnerable only barely described Ava’s situation as Nina Clay’s misguided attack on her and her unborn child continued this week on General Hospital. When we last left the two women, Ava was still very much down for the count, paralyzed save for her mouth while Nina loomed above her with an injection to induce her labor. Ava does her best to reason with her but Nina sticks her with the needle anyway. The paralyzing drug begins to wear off just as Nina goes to get towels to prepare for the birth which leaves Ava on her own and in a desperate attempt she tries her best to crawl to safety only for Nina to find her right as she reaches the door. There’s no escape! Dr. Silas Clay who was sent back to General Hospital after Nina’s mother Madeline West doctored leukemia results for Danny Morgan, his patient and ex-girlfriend’s son, tries to get a rush on a second test only to find Liesl Obrecht has forbidden rush jobs. When he goes to find out what the issue is, he runs into Madeline in her sister’s office instead. They bicker over Nina and ultimately Silas tries to warn Madeline about Nina and her plan for revenge but Madeline already is far too familiar with all of that. She tells him that Nina’s at Nathan’s house, sending him on yet another wild goose chase as she knows what’s going on at the brownstone.

Ava’s contractions start and Nina is beyond excited about the prospect of finally becoming a mother. While Ava cries for drugs to get through the pain, Nina launches into an explicit story of helping one of her family’s horses through a difficult birth and how through that situation she “saw God.” The moment is truly a creepy one that resonated with both viewers and Ava who becomes visibly even more terrified. A baby girl is born that Nina immediately swathes in her own arms while calling it her own and telling Ava that only Kiki is her baby. Silas and Nathan deduce that Madeline must have sent Silas off of Nina’s trail for a reason and seek her out at the hospital. It’s there that Obrecht admits to harboring her sister and niece but that they’re long gone now and she has no idea what they might be up to (though she knows it involves prescriptions from her once stole prescription pad). Madeline arrives at the brownstone to Nina holding a crying Ava’s baby. Recognizing the sane (?) one in the family, Ava makes her plea to Madeline to save her baby from Nina but Madeline ignores her. This prompts Ava to tell Nina that Madeline actually hired her when she was down and out to seduce Silas which ultimately lead to the birth of the monstrosity – I mean, Kiki Jerome. Though it doesn’t seem so at first, Ava successfully plants seeds of doubt in Nina’s head, telling her that her moth just might take this baby from her too before the two flee.

gh-ava-madeline-baby-110314We find Nina and Madeline in a seedy motel room, Nina tending to Ava’s baby as if she really does belong to her. The doubts that Ava put there still linger in Nina’s head who warns her mother that she controls their family fortune and that she’d do best to stay in line with her plans. Madeline then learns that Nina somehow believes her stolen baby is both hers and Silas’. Meanwhile, shake and vulnerable, Ava tries to escape the brownstone only to be confronted by a gun wielding Sonny Corinthos. He’s finally learned of her location through his youngest son, Morgan Corinthos, who had a change of heart after learning Ava killed chatterbox Connie Falconeri. Morgan had no way of knowing Ava gave birth when he told Kiki that his father wouldn’t harm her as long as she was pregnant (even telling her that maybe Sonny would forget his vendetta over time… ha ha). Now without a baby, Sonny feels he has every right to take Ava out and nearly does so until Michael fires a warning shot into the air. He allows Ava to run for it but she doesn’t get very far, collapsing at the docks where Silas and Kiki find her after realizing she’s in danger. Nathan’s alerted of Nina’s misdeeds when Ava is wheeled into General Hospital for treatment.

Talk about exciting! Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows that my absolute favorite soap opera trope is a woman spiraling into madness and wow, did I get a lot of that this week on GH. When Nina first arrived in Port Charles, the crazy was to be expected. Home girl had just awoken from a twenty yearlong slumber and for a while they did play her as the silly kind of crazy, kooky even as she began to learn about the 21st century. I think the writers did a good job showing her gradual regression to the person she’s become today; Nina’s almost childlike now saying “mommy” and “aunty”, barely even recognizing the consequences of what she’s doing or where she is now. There’s definitely something more deep rooted within her than just having a villainess mother who drugged her into a coma. I worry that the only place Nina can go from here is to an institution but then who will be Franco’s adorable partner in crime… or lover? The two had a phone call this week that got me all sorts of giddy over the possibility of a psychopath Romeo & Juliet story – or Bonnie & Clyde, either would be immensely entertaining considering the actors’ amazing talent. I just hope that we don’t lose loony Nina any time soon!