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General Hospital Recap: Franco Sets Off a Chain Reaction; Michael’s Got a Gun; Nina Steals Ava’s Baby


As promised, General Hospital was wacky in the most riveting of ways. This week, there were really only two major stories playing out on our screens but those stories exploded due to the branching off of other storylines from over the last few months, tying together everything in a neat and crazy package. To say the least, this was yet another exciting week in Port Charles!

General Hospital Recaps | Episodes airing November 3-7, 2014

Franco sets off a chain reaction

As planned, Franco’s revenge on Carly Corinthos Jacks went off with hitch this week. There were a few hiccups along the way but with his quick thinking, he was able to smooth everything out into a fine disaster of his making. He planned to marry Carly just for this moment, to ruin her in front of everyone she loves like she ruined his heart by cheating with Sonny. He announces to all the guests on The Haunted Star that Carly has betrayed him with her ex-husband (poor Josslyn gets excited in hopes of reconciliation between her parents) but everyone comes to learn that it’s Sonny who’s been in her bed. Er – Michael’s bed. Franco reveals he’s been keeping tabs on his fiancée with the camera embedded in her terrible evil eye necklace, shocking and enraging everyone though Franco manages to calm everyone down in time to play the footage of her in bed with Sonny. Through this video everyone learns of Sonny and Ava tarnishing the site of AJ Quartermaine’s burial and ultimately, with a chorus of screams from Carly, that Sonny was the one who shot AJ and that Carly helped him cover it up.

gh-franco-wedding-secrets-revealedWhile everything is shot to pieces for the Corinthos family, we have Anna Devane working hard on new the AJ murder case. Thanks to Michael Corinthos’ suspicions, she’s been working overtime to figure something out, even questioning her boyfriend Duke Lavery’s statement he gave on behalf of Sonny on that fateful night. She warns him that if any evidence is to come to her proving his statement to be false then she’ll show him no mercy, giving him just this time to confess to anything and of course Duke does not. On the docked ship, Michael is can’t believe that he just heard his father confess to killing his birth father and even as Carly tries to get him out, he stays to lash out at his mother for all the months of lies. Even when Franco chimes in to call her selfish and manipulative, Michael agrees with him before announcing that both of his parents are dead to him then storming out. With nothing better to do with her life, Kiki Jerome tails him but he’s long gone. Heather Webber is watching from the shadows and is ready to pump lead into Kiki while she’s trying to call Michael, but she soon leaves the docks. Inside the boat, Carly calls Franco evil and admits to deserving to be punished but feels Michael should have been spared. She does her best to guilt Franco but he stands by his own plan, feeling a big sense of accomplishment for bringing her down like this. Carly feels free in thinking that this is the end of her ties to Franco but Franco disagrees. The bride runs out and Franco tails her while Bobbie Spencer pleads with boyfriend and father of the groom, Scotty Baldwin, to spare her daughter from criminal charges.

Out on the docks, Carly meets with the lurking Heather armed with a gun. She’d just come back from the Corinthos compound to deliver a message to Sonny for trying to frame her. While Morgan Corinthos was busy signing his girlfriend’s death warrant by leaking her location, Heather appeared in a mask at the door to shoot one of Sonny’s guards at close range and now she has the very same gun trained on Carly. Heather is excited that Franco’s given her this chance to take a shot at her just when Franco arrives, agreeing with Carly that he’s indeed crazy. Franco talks his mother out of shooting Carly out here in the open and leads them to Sonny’s warehouse instead where he’s surprised to find Shawn and Jordan Ashford still alive. Franco explains to a confused Carly that Sonny had planned to murder him on their wedding day and that those two are to be taken out in turn along with her – and his mother, Heather! Franco turns the tables on them all and blames Heather’s own history of mental illness for his past, going so far as to blame all women who lied to him. He leaves the four of them locked together and goes to have a drink at the bar where Anna was just forced to arrest Duke. Like the busybody he is, Scotty has already taken a copy of Sonny and Carly’s confession to the commissioner, thus negating Duke’s testimony forcing her to take him down to the station. Dante too realizes he has to take down someone he cares about so he goes to the hospital where Sonny was last seen by Max’s bedside only to find Morgan. Dante explains Sonny’s crime but Morgan already knows after speaking with Kiki earlier, they worry about Michael only for Dante remember he saw Michael at the scene of Max’s shooting. Both brothers return to the scene to find that the gun that was there before is now missing, leaving them to worry about what Michael might do.

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Blinded by anger, Michael confronts Sonny with the gun he found but Sonny tries to back pedal out of the mess he’s made for himself. He tries to tell Michael he did it all because of Ava killing Connie and making him think AJ did it, but Michael still thinks if he cared enough about him as a son then he couldn’t have pulled the trigger. His entire life he was poisoned against AJ and as soon as he has him back, he’s gone again and Sonny’s to blame.  He vows to keep his promise of making AJ’s killer pay.

I cheered for Franco this whole week! I honestly could never subscribe to anything Carly and I’m not sure how or why anyone else can. Then again, I’m still a new GH viewer and I’ve missed a lot, I’ll be fair there! But to me she just seems so whiny and self-involved, she’s got kids all over town but she’d much rather be doing her own thing with her own goals in sight. I think she deserved every last thing that came to her this week! I do feel sorry for Heather though… will any of the people in her family ever love her? It’s obvious she’ll never get any better so they need to not hold out on hope for that, just let her bounce around town murdering people on your behalf like a real son should, Franco! Or Steven Lars! In my head, Franco will skip town to go on the run with Nina after she dumps Madeline somewhere in the Catskills because what else does he have to go back to? After Halloween finally ends (and Election Day?), I don’t think much of anyone will be giving the same pass they gave Franco in the last few weeks after this wedding fiasco. Or after he murders his prisoners. What do you think his next move will be?

Once again, these recaps are not blow for blow recaps and contain a lot of my own feelings toward the storylines this week! Use my points to kick off a conversation! Comment here or tweet me if you agree or disagree with me, I want to know what the readers have to say! Your input is what makes this all the most fun! See you next week!

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