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General Hospital Spoilers: November 10, 2014 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Franco ponders his next move, Rosalie and Michael grow close, Sam and Danny meet Jake, Nikolas and Britt get a surprise visit.  Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of November 10, 2014.

Crime and Punishment

Carly, Jordan and Shawn are faced with a dilemma. Carly ascertains a disturbing reality about Franco.  Later, Sonny and Carly lament over the recent chain of events.

Scott is getting his just rewards meanwhile his son Franco acts very mysterious with Bobbie. Later, Franco gathers intel on Obrecht’s plan and begins to ponder his next move.

Michael is faced with a hard choice. Will Sonny accepts his fate? Later Rosalie and Michael form a bond. Will Kiki walk in on a shocking situation?

Sonny and Duke discuss their recent hardship. With the reality of his situations sinking in, Duke gets some legal advice. Lucy goes to great lengths to help Duke causing Anna to ponder why.

Also this week

Nathan and Dante walk into a possible trap. Both Lulu and Olivia are concerned about the fates of their loved ones. Later Nathan has some questions for Rosalie.Will Madeline come clean to Nathan and Obrecht?

Madeline has her own agenda planned for Nina. Later Nina opens the door to a surprise visitor. Nina does not fully understand the realities of her actions.

Julian continues to be jealous of Ned’s relationship with Alexis, while Ned wonders what Julian really knows about Luke. Patrick, Ned, Tracy and Monica question Lord Larry Ashton’s motives at the Quartermaine mansion. Is Tracy’s ex-husband hiding something?

Sam and Danny have a chance encounter Jake. In the interim, Elizabeth has an offer for him. Elizabeth continues to try to help Jake spark his memory.

  • Nikolas and Britt have an unexpected visitor at Wyndemere.
  • Morgan is upset when Carly suddenly gets sidelined.
  • Sonny learns an important fact that could put others in danger.
  • Shawn and Jordan make a decision regarding TJ.
  • Kiki and Morgan decide to make an admission.
  • Will Michael be satisfied with a recent outcome?
  • Kiki and Silas learn the truth about what happened to Ava.

Source Sneak Peek: November 17

Sonny faces the harsh reality of his consequences. Jordan and Shawn finally tell TJ the truth about his father. Franco comforts a delusional Nina.

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