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General Hospital Spoilers: December 1, 2014 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Jake asks about Helena, Julian’s life is in danger, Silas confronts Ava, Sonny bumps into an old nemesis. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of December 1, 2014.


Jake recognizes Helena and questions Elizabeth about her. Later, while Jake begins to look for a job, Elizabeth calls Anna about the encounter. Jake finds himself in a sticky situation.

Tracy is surprised by Luke’s return. Meanwhile, Alexis updates the Quartermaines on his circumstances. Larry is appalled when Luke makes accusations. Tracy is embarrassed about a recent revelation. Will the reveal cause tension between Alexis and Ned?

Julian tells Jordan the truth about his boss unaware that someone is waiting for him. Due to Julian’s recent rebellion, his life may be at stake. Later, Julian has his doubts about a surprising reveal.

Hide and Seek

While Kiki and Morgan worry about the baby’s whereabouts, Franco encourages Nina to return the baby to her real parents. However, Franco is developing a soft spot for the baby and  later, Nina and he decide to name the baby girl.

A suspicious Silas confronts Ava about what she is hiding. Will he turn her in?

Also this week

Brad offers Britt some friendly advice, while Nikolas is furious over a recent finding. Spencer demands answers from his father. Later, Nikolas is stunned when Elizabeth shares some news.

After Madeline discovers another one of Obrecht’s lies, she threatens to tell all in exchange for assistance. Later, Obrecht crosses path with a possible nemesis and makes another demand of Britt.

Sabrina apologizes to Michael about pointing him in the wrong direction regarding AJ’s murder. After Michael leaves, Sabrina is surprised to see someone.

Patrick makes a difficult admission to Sam leading her to press him for answers about his choices.

  • A cryptic phone call takes place.
  • Sonny crosses path with an enemy in prison.
  • Dante calls Anna about some new Intel on Luke.
  • Luke seeks the truth.
  • Alexis admits something to Molly about her father.
  • Britt makes a discovery.
  • Anna apologizes for a recent incident, but assures everyone that they are now safe.


Source Sneak Peek: December 8

Maxie takes a risk. Sonny is determined to protect his crime organization. Sam has a hunch about Jake. What’s Rosalie’s connection to Port Charles?

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  1. Rumors have surfaced that Jake is not really Jason. Could he be someone else that Helena is interested in? If he is Jason, then what could Helena possibly be holding over him to make him do her bidding and why? These are the questions that interest me a whole lot more than whether or not he is going to be with Liz or Sam. As a lifelong Liason fan, I know that at some point, he will have to deal with his family. I don’t think any couples are set in stone so I am not expecting anything. I do, however, think that Helena having any control over him at all changes everything, and I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

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