‘The Good Wife’ Review: ‘The Trial’


“I would like to plead guilty.” What the what?! Cary Agos, you take that back right now! By now, we all should be ready for the unexpected when it comes to the genius writers of The Good Wife, but I was not at all ready for the final line spoken in this episode.

In “The Trial”, we witnessed the hilarious reactions to a joke between Alicia and Grace ending up in the wrong hands, poor judgment on Kalinda’s part in a desperate attempt to keep someone she cares about out of prison and pure despair from Cary over what his future might hold. Let’s discuss the various emotions displayed throughout the hour.

Bad joke made even worse

Oh come ON. Are we really supposed to believe that Alicia wrote that note? Even as a joke? Or that Grace would have actually taken it out of the house? Let’s go ahead and file that right under: “Bullsh*t”. While I found that hard to digest, the reaction from everyone made it go down easier. How about Jackie defending Alicia? Loved it. Eli and Elfman having a grand ole laugh over the ridiculousness of such an accusation, only to be faced with a stoic Alicia trying to explain herself? Definitely joins my long list of adored scenes. As my friend said, Alicia’s “Well, here’s the thing…” is the equivalent of “See…what had happened was…” and that just makes it all the more hilarious. Just when we thought it was all over, Diane randomly brings it up in a phone call with Alicia.

“Did you really threaten to knife your daughter’s PE teacher?”

“Not one of my better moments.”

I’ll say. While I feel we could have done without the entire thing, it did bring the comedy of the episode, so there’s that.

6x10-05Kalinda screws up

Boy did she ever. In hindsight, I do understand the desperation that obviously fueled Kalinda’s actions; I just wish her common sense would have prevailed. Kudos to her for having, excuse my abrasiveness here, balls of steel. I do not know anyone who would have been brave enough to walk into the home of a drug lord and make any sort of threat, let alone one that involves his son. Girl, what were you thinking? Were we surprised when it backfired? Well, actually, yes. Yes, we were. Can we talk about the Diane/Kalinda moment that was oh so very reminiscent of the Will/Kalinda relationship?

“How did you find Dante? Don’t tell me.”

Oh Diane, how very very Will of you. I love it! I understand why you did what you did, Kalinda. I will forgive, I just need time.

Mama Bear mode: ON

Funny how Alicia’s team touched on her mama bear tendencies in an episode where we saw them at play, not for her own children, but for Cary. As I have mentioned before, I love the familial-like relationships between Diane/Cary and Alicia/Cary. What I love even more, is the way Diane and Alicia immediately switch to mama bears when it comes to Cary and his well-being. It happened numerous times throughout this episode. My favorite being the phone call between Diane and Alicia, for various reasons, but specifically for the obvious concern they both share over Cary’s future. When they all were together discussing the plea (Will mention! My heart burst.), I was once again reminded of how much I absolutely adore them working together. They cannot take that away from us. I want to see their relationship grow and flourish even further, their bond grow stronger. You know what I have realized as I type this? That is exactly what this whole situation is doing to them.

Whatchu talkin’ ‘bout, Cary?

I am quite positive that I was not the only person to yell, “What?!” at their TV when Cary said that last line of the episode. I have so many feelings about this whole thing. This was not supposed to happen. Cary, now is not the time to prove how loyal, trustworthy and true to your word, you are. You were supposed to put yourself first, not plead guilty. While I join many in thinking that he will never survive prison, I am smart enough to know that he also would not survive testifying against Bishop. So, now what? Oh, you know, we just have to wait six whole weeks to find out!

Favorite scene:

The entire episode, I had issues with the absence of Alicia’s physical presence in regards to everything related to Cary. Things were quickly spiraling out of control and I just could not bring myself to believe that she would not be there trying to help find a solution. Then that last scene happened between her and Cary and I dare anyone say that they didn’t feel even the faintest of tugs on their heart strings. I thought the scene with Cary, Kalinda and Diane in the conference room was my undoing (when he grabbed Diane’s hand? So unexpected. Tears.), but then the elevator doors opened and there was Alicia. I thought the hug between them from earlier this season spoke volumes for how far they have come and how much they have grown, but this scene? This scene perfectly embodied that. That moment where they both realize what is about to happen.

“You’ll come to see me?”

Alicia crying and hugging him.

“I will.”

“Good, good. I don’t wanna be lonely.”

I was a mess watching that the first time and every time after, and I’m a mess typing it out right now.

Now we wait. Oh how I love hiatus time. Six weeks. That’s nothing. We can do this. We’ll be fine. Right? RIGHT?!

Well, that’s my take on this episode. Share your thoughts with me!

Chrissie Ortiz
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