‘Sleepy Hollow’ Review ‘Magnum Opus’


This week’s episode of Sleepy Hollow sent Ichabod and Abbie on a quest to find a weapon powerful enough to kill the now mature Moloch. The quest was equal parts Clash of The Titans and Indiana Jones. In the end the real weapon was the weapon of choice.

The Sword of Methuselah

At the beginning of the episode, Katrina urgently contacts the witnesses (via mirror of course) regarding her failure to kill Moloch. She leaves them with an anagram “chosen words.” The letters rearrange to “Enoch’s sword.” Enoch was Methuselah’s father, both men biblical figures. Legend has it that Methuselah lived 969 years and killed 1,000 demons with his sword. This sword can kill Moloch.

After solving the anagram, finding a map and some searching, Ichaobod and Abbie find themselves at the swords hiding place. Unfortunately the sword is guarded but a Gorgon, a Medusa like creature. Luck for them, the headless horseman also wants the sword.

The Sword Fight

Without a way to avoid looking into the Gordon’s eyes and defeating her, Ichaobod and Abbie decide to fight enemy with enemy. They wait for the horseman and , since he has no head and therefore no eyes, allow him to defeat the Gorgon as they sneak into the room which hides the sword.

The room is full of swords and Abbie has to pick the right one for the batch. It reminded me a lot of the scene in the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade in which Indy had to pick which cup was the Holy Grail. The only thing missing was an aging knight telling her to chose wisely. When Abbie does make her choice, all the swords turn into snakes and sliver into the walls.

“You have chosen…wisely”

While Abbie is picking out cutlery, Ichabod keeps his old friend Abraham a.k.a The Headless Horseman busy. The two former pals have yet another sword fight. “It seems my old friend our story is ever to be told by swordplay.”

Abraham chastises Ichabod for stealing Katrina from him. “I’m suppose to be the hero of this story not the villain!” he proclaims. “Do not dare put this on me. You chose the mantle of death. You chose Moloch. Two choices made in an instant that ensured that Katrina would never love you.” Ichabod responds. As much as Abraham wants to play the victim, he is not. He has made his own choses as has Ichabod. Ichabod has chosen to fight on the side of good.

The Riddle

Before the witnesses set upon their adventure, they read a warning of sorts in Grace’s journal. “Know thyself completely or perish when you attempt to see.” Ichabod had not originally interpreted this statement quite as literally as he should have. It turns out that the pool of water in the middle of the swords’ room is actually oil. Working together, Ichabod and Abbie burn the oil until the sword is revealed.

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