‘The Bay’ Continues As Tempers Flare And Emotions Run Deep With Chapter 14 Part 2

The #Bayhem intensifies when Chapter 14 Part 2 of the Emmy-nominated The Bay streams today, Thursday Dec. 18th. Emotions run deep and tempers flare as Bay City residents continue to mourn the loss of one of their own. Special guest stars include Daytime icons A Martinez (Santa Barbara) and Ilene Kristen (One Life to Live) who reprises the role of Liza Garrett.

Offering words of wisdom, Mackenzie Johnson (Lane Davies) shares a tender moment with daughter Vivian (Karrueche Tran). An impassioned Janice Ramos (Lilly Melgar) and her father demand answers about their missing loved one when Will Campbell (Derrell Whitt) arrives with alarming news.  Sunning around the pool, Nathan Perkins (Scott Bailey) and Orchid (Terri Ivens) bicker about his questionable tactics before giving in to their mutual desires.  Steve Jensen (Matthew Ashford) is put in his place by Peter Garrett (Kristos Andrews) at the funeral home as a jealous Sammie Sullivan (Lindsay Hartley) chastises lover Tony Foster (Gavin Houston) about his son R.J. (Maceo Meier).  Zoey Johnson (Taylor Stanely) welcomes her niece before sending Ofc. Benjy Ramos (Carlo Mendez) on his way. Unaware, Vivian undresses as Chase Walker (Brian Gaskill) watches from the shadows. Liza arrives at the memorial service and offers forgiveness to her surprised ex-husband Lex Martin (Tristan Rogers) and niece Sara Garrett (Mary Beth Evans).  Under the cover of darkness, John Blackwell (Ronn Moss) receives information that will rock Bay City to its core!
Watch after the jump when Chapter 14 Part 2 of THE BAY streams on Blip.TV at: http://blip.tv/thebaytheseries/the-bay-chapter-14-part-2-7128248  Written & Directed by Gregori J. Martin.Use the hashtags #Bayhem #TheBay and follow the series on Twitter and Instagram at @The BaytheSeries.

Previous chapters of THE BAY, including Chapter 13 Part 4, can be viewed at: http://blip.tv/thebaytheseries