General Hospital Spoilers: December 22, 2014

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This week on General Hospital, Liesl puts her own unique spin on the story of Christmas, Sam and Patrick start to reconnect, Maxie and Nathan’s special night is tested due to unforeseen circumstances, Alexis and Molly get a surprise visit. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of December 22, 2014.

’Twas the week of Christmas, when all through the hospital,
Dr. Obrecht shares a holiday tale for children and all.
The Chief of Staff has done a very good deed,
For her handsome son who was in need.

Of little Georgie, Maxie shares some news,
Giving Nathan feelings of amuse.
Will Maxie’s spirits get a lift,
With a most uplifting gift?
Will #Naxie’s special night be tested,
By circumstances less festive?

Monica grows closer to her Judge,
As Sam and Patrick decide not to begrudge.
Prince Nikolas gives Spencer a warning,
While Alexis tells Molly to come out of mourning.
Will an unexpected return,
Bring the tidings they yearn?

Jake and Liz find themselves under the mistletoe,
Will their kiss be interrupted by friend or by foe?
And will New Year’s Eve invitations,
Put a damper on their budding relations?

Carlos’ threat brings fear to Jordan’s lover,
Will Anna convince the DEA agent to stay undercover?
With Duke after some confiding,
Shawn admits there is something Jordan is hiding.

When Johnny is saved by someone most fear,
A favor is repaid but will it bring cheer?
After Fluke updates Julian on Luke’s disposition,
He sends him to carry out a dangerous mission.

Wednesday December 24 will be an encore episode to be determined. There will be no episode Thursday December 25.

Source Sneak Peek: December 29

Patrick and Sam decide to spend New Year’s together. Carly and Jake find themselves in a compromising position. Will Maxie and Nathan reach each other by the stroke of midnight?