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Days of our Lives Recap: Melanie returns to her party girl ways, Paul helps Sonny build character


Days of Our Lives this week proved that maybe we shouldn’t jump the gun to deem everything boring. There was actually a good heaping of good drama this week though there are still storylines that deserve a good axing (Ben and Abby, Clyde’s buffoonery, anything Paige related). There were two storylines that carried the week along well. Everything seems to be falling into place for a dramatic next few weeks in Salem! Check it out!

Melanie’s Premier Party Girl Comeback

Melanie Jonas finally hits the end of the line this week, falling right into the arms of the people tailing her. Thankfully Nicole Walker managed to see the initial pursuit and fills in their mutual friend Brady Black, then calls Melanie’s father who, in an odd move, tells Nicole not to call the cops. It’s Dr. Dan to the rescue! In the tussle, Brady actually gets knocked out by one of the goons. Nicole and Daniel show up after one another and while the scene begins to heat up, Daniel tries to calm everyone down by explaining there’s no need to phone the police as these people actually are the police. When everyone’s calm, they make their way back to Daniel’s apartment where all the dirty laundry is promptly aired.

Apparently the money Melanie’s been hauling around since her return home is the same money these officers from a European casino were on the hunt for. They accuse Melanie of being a card counting shark, and after getting kicked out once, claim that she actually returned to the casino in disguise to continue breaking the rules to gain 70,000 dollars. Melanie attempts to defend herself by saying she’s just good at Blackjack but winds up having to give all of the money back anyway. The woman in charge of the officers threatens Melanie by promising to put a call through to the FBI. It’s Nicole who swoops in to save the day; she warns that she can get a news piece running on the casino that same day, ruining to their image to potential customers. The casino cops back off, sign an agreement to keep out of Melanie’s way and head off. Everyone’s just glad that Melanie is safe – except for Nicole, she wants to learn how to count cards too.

Nicole uses her sneaky skills to help out a friend.But when everyone’s gone, Daniel seems to do a 180 and just about tears into Melanie for her lying. He’s convinced that there may be more to this casino mishap (I’d hope so! How anticlimactic could a storyline be!) but all talk is interrupted when Maggie Horton Kiriakis strolls into the apartment with Parker Jonas. There’s a tearful reunion between the two siblings as Melanie recalls helping Chloe Lane give birth to him, in disbelief with how much he’s grown. A little later, she and Brady are off to the side while her parent and grandparent catch up on her wrongdoings, they talk in short about the major complications his life has taken recently (namely Kristen Dimera and Theresa Donovan). Brady gives Melanie a warning about Theresa before she heads off to the hospital to follow up on her application for a nursing position. Later at Salem University Hospital, Melanie stumbles upon Theresa. They’re still interested in one another as friends, sensing a sort of bad girl camaraderie, so they begin to exchange numbers. Theresa explains she’s at the hospital so late because she wanted to meet up with a patient friend of hers and have a few drinks of wine, but she’s found out that he’s been discharged. They try to make plans with one another only to learn after inputting their contacts in each other’s phones just who they are to one another. Melanie snaps, accusing Theresa of being a “raving bitch” for hurting some of the people closest to her. Theresa cracks a bit when Melanie rubs in her face how close she is with Brady, and how he warned her to keep away from Theresa. A physical fight ensues until Maxine finds them and breaks things up. When Mel gets back home, Daniel can see that something’s off just by looking at her; her hair’s tangled, her outfit’s a mess which her father comes to understand is because of a brawl with Theresa. Daniel warns that the girl is bad news and to keep away. Melanie agrees, calling her a “psycho”. Little does she know, said psycho and her buddy Anne are plotting to make sure she doesn’t return to Salem U Hospital’s payroll.

Initially, I wasn’t so sure about having Melanie Jonas back in Salem again. The last time she was onscreen, there was really nothing good about her though the writers wanted to portray her as the new young adult heroine. That just wasn’t the Melanie we all came to know. It wasn’t too long ago that she first breezed into town from Europe, an internet famous party girl with an attitude turned up as loud as her frequent hotspot’s music then fast forward a few years later and she was the angelic daughter of saintly Dr. Daniel Jonas. It was hard for me to deal with but with this recent return, it seems like she’s regressed back into her wild ways which is what Days was thirsty for. Even when Molly Burnett stumbles with rapid fire lines she does it in a way that you would imagine the character actually doing if she were real, so you forgive it, you laugh and move on. And even with a face so sweet, Melanie is sparking of electricity every time she snaps back into that Premier Party Girl persona of hers and I must say that I love every second of it! This is the Melanie that should be pushing stories on the front burner, not the same one from two years ago. It’s definitely time for Abigail to step down as head of the young adult scene now that Melanie’s returned.

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