Days of our Lives Recap: Melanie returns to her party girl ways, Paul helps Sonny build character

Sonny’s fiery flashbacks

Sonny Kiriakis is still finding it hard to have his former love Paul Narita in town. His mother, Adrienne Kiriakis, finds him at Club TBD to ask if he’s spoken with Paul yet to lay down the law. Sonny remarks that Paul doesn’t mean anything to him anymore, assuring his worried mother that he would never out someone. Paul doesn’t have the same support that Sonny had when he came out both in his area of work and from his strict Japanese family; he feels thankful for having Justin and Adrienne as his parents. When Adrienne asks how Sonny will break this ex-boyfriend news to Will, Sonny is quick to say that there’s no need for Will to find out as he believes Paul will be gone before his husband returns to Salem.

Later that day, an irritated Sonny gets a call to find out he’ll need to hand over $200,000 for the slow construction of “the southside location” of Club TBD. Since it is money he doesn’t have right now, Sonny makes his way to his great uncle Victor Kiriakis’ house, hoping he’ll cover the 200k for him. Victor rejects the plea, not wanting to invest in a rat hole that he deems unnecessary. Victor’s worried about Sonny’s sudden desperation to get this second business up and running, he wonders about the reason which Sonny quickly reveals. He admits to finding TBD boring and wants an exciting new challenge but Victor thinks he’s trying to impress Will, showing that Salem could be just as exciting as LA is. Victor asks about the other man in Sonny’s life, Chad Dimera, and how he feels regarding this new club. Sonny claims that Chad is supportive, that they’ve even signed an agreement that would give Sonny a bigger cut in profits now that Chad will primarily work at Dimera Enterprises. This sounds suspect to Victor who looks over the signed agreement, discovering that Chad indeed did screw Sonny over. Should this new club fail, Sonny will lose his stake in both properties whereas Chad will not be liable.

Probably feeling desperate and a little lost, Sonny tries to get in touch with his husband but to no avail. Paul finds him in Will questions Paul about his love life.the park instead, offering to hear him out in Will’s place. Sonny doesn’t want to talk about the mess he’s gotten himself into regarding the clubs he owns which brings a smile to Paul’s face, happy that Sonny succeeded in following his dream much like he had. There’s a little reminiscing about their past but it’s clear that Sonny feels uncomfortable doing so, so it comes to an end and Paul apologizes for coming on so strongly before. Paul explains that he only came to Salem for his surgery, not to mess anything up for Sonny but if he needs him, then he’ll be there no matter what it may be. Even for a loan. The offer is clearly enticing to Sonny as he gives Paul a call later in the day but before they could agree on a rendezvous point, Will Horton and his daughter Ariana appear at Club TBD. Shocked, Sonny hangs up on Paul to greet his family. Sonny’s confused, wondering how they were able to get away from LA so suddenly but Will doesn’t give much in regards to answers except that he hated Hollywood and needed to be closer to Sonny and Gabi Hernandez. Adrienne comes in to find Will whom she greets happily before he goes out to make a call. Sonny’s mother finds the timing of Will’s arrival ironic and again asks if her son’s told his husband about Paul, but Sonny shoots her down again and vows to keep that a secret. Meanwhile, Will is on the phone with Sami Brady outside in an attempt to quell her rage at him being fired as her biopic’s scribe. He wants to keep it a secret so that future jobs will still find him an attractive catch. When Will returns, Sonny and Adrienne are talking about the new club opening up to which Will is filled in on. He thinks it’s a great move but Sonny has to tell his mother not to let Will in on the mistakes he’s made trying to get the business up and running. Later that day, Will gets a call from his editor Zoe who has a new job for him at the magazine. Unknown to Will, Zoe’s just scored the rights to interview Paul Narita, the ex-boyfriend of his husband…

Could one say that Sonny Kiriakis was plagued by flashbacks to his torrid past with Paul Narita if he enjoyed them so much? There didn’t seem to be any anguish in his expression after reliving their steamy sessions in hotel rooms across the world, so maybe it’s safer to say he was blessed with these flashbacks as they certainly helped him get through the rough times without Will. How sad is it that a once super couple’s fans are now mostly rooting for Sonny to get with the third wheel? It just goes to show that the character of Will Horton has really been dragged through the mud and for what? I have no problems with Guy Wilson’s portrayal of Will, he’s been pulling a lot more weight than Chandler Massey did in the year or so before he left the show, it’s just the character needs to go back to his real self. Will would never treat his family in such a poor way because he’s been treated that way by his family for years! Fans are always quick to place the blame on Will when for a long time Sonny was such a Mary Sue kind of character with no meat to him. He was a blaringly obvious plot device to Will’s coming out, I feel with not much personality or history to him until now. I’m not rooting for him to be with Paul right now for that reason, I feel like I still need to know so much more about Sonny to feel any sort of positive feelings for him whereas I’ve already begun to feel for Paul’s character. It’s hard to figure out what I’m rooting most for: the redemption of Will, the long awaited building of Sonny’s character or for a threesome? Either way, I’m enjoying the way everything is playing out on screen!

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