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Days of our Lives Recap: Paul gives #WilSon a needed shake up, Kate vs. Jordan Continues

Sonny finally hears from Will, only to have his husband angrily rip into him. Photo credit: NBC

Days of our Lives was… well, short on the drama last week week. The state of the show’s storylines is in stark contrast to what was on canvas just a year ago. I could only pick out two storylines really worthy of going over for the whole week. There was a comment I saw online that said something along the lines of, “all of the storylines on Days at the moment are B or C storylines, there’s no A storyline” which is blaringly true this week. Hopefully Salem, USA can pick itself up out of this creative slump. It needs and deserves it!

Days of our Lives Recap | Episodes airing December 1-5, 2014

Three whole days of no communication!

Poor Sonny had to take the brunt for a lot of Will Horton’s mistakes both last week and this week. Since following after Sami Brady to Hollywood, Will’s barely been in touch with any of his family back home and he’s got a lot of family! So of course, the natural thing to do is check in with his husband to see if there are any updates. Unfortunately, Sonny is just as in the dark as everyone else until this week. Will finally begins to check in with his family again, we see him giving a call to his grandmother Dr. Marlena Evans first. She asks when was the last time he got in touch with his husband but Will cites some lame excuse about the time difference (Salem is Midwest, Hollywood is the West… so two hour difference?) being too difficult to keep up with. Marlena then worries about the promises Will made Gabi Hernandez to keep her updated with their daughter while she’s in prison and again, Will makes an excuse saying that he’s been under a lot of pressure with his work. Marlena snaps that the pressure he’s under is not at all like prison to which Will promises to do better by Gabi.

Across town at Club TBD, Will’s mother-in-law Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis is chatting with his father Lucas Horton about his lack of communication. She stresses the point that Will and Sonny haven’t spoken in three whole days! Talk about a travesty, right? Lucas doesn’t want to get involved in his son’s marriage but Adrienne the busybody insists that he at least checks in. Lucas steps to the side to call his son but the first call is dropped, sent right to voicemail unbeknownst to him. Will had just finished sending imprisoned Gabi some pictures of Ariana (how?) when Lucas called the first time. The second time, he has no choice but to pick up. Will lies and says he’s in a meeting but Lucas ignores that, asking what is going on with his son. Why hasn’t he been in touch with his husband? Will promises he’ll call Sonny that day.

Meanwhile, Sonny’s had a busy day of his own. His scenes pick up right where we left him, lips entangled with a hot newcomer named Paul Narita. We quickly learn that, while to the viewers he’s someone new, Sonny has a past with him thus explaining the charged kiss. Knocks begin to sound on the door to the waiting room. It’s Anne Milbauer and Theresa Donovan on the hunt for Paul, whom the latter claims has a thing for her and is searching the hospital for her. Little does she know, Paul is actually much more content being in Sonny’s arms – at least when they’re alone. The sound of the knocking scares Paul into the literal closet. When Theresa and Anne enter they mention looking for a good friend of Theresa’s but Sonny appears to be alone so they leave. Sonny mocks Paul with coming out of the closet jokes once the women leave but Paul takes it in stride, stressing that Sonny come see him later so they can pick things up again. Sonny gets back to work and Paul finds Theresa in his hospital room. He has to shoo her away but winds up still getting kissed by her. She already thinks she’s won the jackpot with a pro baseball player so she mocks Abigail Devereaux’s barista boyfriend when she sees her by the nurses’ station. Poor girl has no idea…

When Sonny gets back to work, Will finally gives him a call but it’s not the call he’s been expecting all this time. He has to wipe the drool from his mouth daydreaming about his steamy past with Paul to fully understand that his husband is yelling at him. Yes, Will is yelling at Sonny for telling people they haven’t spoken in some time! Sonny’s in just as much shock as we are. Even more so when Will tells Sonny to let the family know they spoke and hangs up!

Later on in the day, Adrienne spots Paul at Salem University Hospital and is dumbstruck. She watches from afar as he flirts with a nurse before heading back to his room. In the safety of his hospital room, Paul flashes back to making and professing his love to Sonny – which oddly enough, Sonny is doing the exact same thing just at Horton Town Square. Adrienne finally snags Sonny later in the day at the club; she catches up with him on Will and fishes for information about Paul’s arrival in Salem. Sonny admits to having seen him at the hospital so Adrienne tells him to be clear that he’s a taken man. Taking his mother’s advice, Sonny meets up with Paul in his hospital room to fill him in on his current life. Sonny relays to Paul that he’s married now, that they cannot kiss but Paul doesn’t take those words to heart. He feels bad about not keeping in touch with Sonny for three years now and wants to make up for it. He had to choose his career and the risk of coming out of the closet was far too high. Paul thinks Sonny would be happier with him than he is with his husband though Sonny quickly counters him, saying he’d much rather live this way than live in secret with Paul. Sonny says the worst part of it all was that he knew that Paul loved him but in the end, did not choose him.

Paul and Sonny’s back and forth was the definite highlight of the week on Days! It’s a shame we only got to see them for half of the week because what we were left with really didn’t live up to them. I’ve never been a WilSon champion (whether it feature Chandler Massey or Guy Wilson) only because the pair of them have never been my favorite characters; Will has always been pretty insufferable and Sonny just a Mary-Sue to me, but this current shakeup just might shift those feelings. Sonny is getting a bit more of a backstory after nearly four years on canvas. Only knowing that he traveled and rock climbed and what not was not development. Knowing that he’d already had a great love before Will is definitely a shocker to the couple’s fans who fiercely stand by them but welcome to the rest who aren’t. True, the writers could have introduced another element to Will and Sonny’s shaky marriage during this time. Maybe Sonny could have picked up a bad drinking habit what with the stress of business and his new family leaving him behind, but there’s nothing like a tried and true love triangle to get a story moving. I think what saves this story the most is Paul’s blind belief that love can conquer all, even public dishonesty. Coming out and facing harsh criticism is still a huge issue in 2014, something very true to life for a lot of people across the globe. My hope is that the Days’ writers can sensitively touch this hot button issue while also giving awareness and help to those who may be in a similar situation. This is your chance!

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