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Days of our Lives Recap: Paul gives #WilSon a needed shake up, Kate vs. Jordan Continues

Sonny finally hears from Will, only to have his husband angrily rip into him. Photo credit: NBC

Katerina vs Tammy Sue: Round 10,000

Yes, this storyline is still going. And yes, they’re really taking this one the distance (to infinity and beyond). There is still a big back and forth between Jordan Ridgeway and her family. Every day there are new situations that pop up that seem to lead back to the same arguments that had happened only a week ago. It really feels like we’re running around in circles here. Jordan’s week picks up where we last left her, warning Chad Dimera about how devious his co-CEO is though he’s known that much longer than Jordan did. He’d asked her if she was over Rafe Hernandez yet and she assures him that yes, she’s moved on from her ex-boyfriend for Chad. They kiss as a testament to that until his phone begins to ring which the new co-CEO begins to curse for interrupting. Jordan leaves when Chad picks up to his father, Stefano Dimera, on the other line. He wants Chad to take care of Kate while complaining about Clyde, the country bumpkin but also warns him against letting Jordan know that he’s just using her. Does Stefano perhaps know of Clyde’s involvement in his precious Elvis’ death? Is this the beginning of getting back at him? But why through his estranged step-daughter? For now, I can’t see where the motive lies.

We see Kate Roberts next in Clyde’s hotel room; they’re talking about understanding each other as if they’re some sort of team though we have no idea what exactly they’re working on together. Clyde claims to have understood her since meeting in Poplar Bluff though she’s always kept it mysterious. Against everything the viewers want, the pair of them have sex and laugh about Jordan being uncomfortable with Clyde’s stay in Salem.

Jordan’s in the park meeting with her brother Ben. She of course has to fill him in on the big non-secret that Kate was the one that brought Clyde to Salem. They both find Kate to be reckless with her behavior with Clyde. Like Jordan’s biggest fears come true, Ben begins to take Clyde’s side, thinking maybe he’s really trying to change and maybe him being in Salem might not be bad. Jordan thinks he’s being played however, first with the money, the apartment and now with the revelation that he’s seeing Dr. Marlena Evans for therapy. Jordan storms off and heads for Clyde’s hotel room though she unexpectedly finds Kate covered in nothing but bedding sheets. They lash out at each other before Clyde appears to admonish Jordan for attacking his “guest” to which Jordan quickly corrects to “whore”. Kate’s gone to go freshen up so the father and step-daughter can have another uncomfortable exchange. Jordan launches an attack at Clyde, calling him a hillbilly and accusing him of wanting to climb the social ladder by being with Kate which prompts him to grab her by the neck and threaten her while Kate listens on. When Jordan flees, Kate who knew what was going on still goes to have sex with the psycho! For the second time!

A furious Rafe confronts Kate when he learns just how conniving she's been. Photo credit: NBC

A furious Rafe confronts Kate when he learns just how conniving she’s been. Photo credit: NBC

Later in the week, Rafe Hernandez stops by Salem University Hospital looking for Jordan. He finds her in Chad’s arms just as he mentions Kate coming out of Clyde’s bed. Rafe is surprised but Chad tries to push him out, saying he has no reason to be there until Jordan backs him down by reminding him of the meeting he’s there to attend. Rafe’s there to get Jordan to sign papers regarding an attack on one of her patients (Sounds interesting! Why isn’t this in her storyline?) but Jordan would much rather catch Rafe up. She tells him that not only is Kate spending more and more time with Clyde but she’s also the reason he’s in Salem in the first place. Rafe is left stunned. At this same time, Kate is at the Brady Pub with Clyde discussing money matters when she gets a text from Rafe. As expected, she cuts the talk with the countryman short and heads off to meet her former flame.
After the board meeting, Chad thanks Abigail Devereaux for her suggestion to the hospital board before he leaves. Jordan arrives soon after and Abby apologizes to her friend for getting credit for the suggestion Jordan gave at Chad’s board meeting. Jordan assures her that it’s fine for she didn’t want anyone to think she’s influencing the hospital board. Abigail says that in a way, she is influencing the board and Jordan makes a suggestion that Abigail might be jealous of that fact. Abigail brushes that off though, saying that whatever’s between Jordan and Chad is between them though she doesn’t seem to trust Chad. This upsets Jordan who stands by the fact that Chad’s changed before she storms off in another mood.

Since Rafe doesn’t have a home of his own he meets Kate at hers in an obviously bad mood. He wastes no time and gets on her for targeting Jordan the way she has while Kate seems to get emotional about it all. She admits to bringing not only Clyde to Salem but Jordan as well, citing the fact that she’d been worried that any other physical therapist might have been working for Stefano who then had it out for Rafe. However, Rafe believes that Kate only hired Jordan thinking her to be a man and went after her once her gender was revealed. She claims that she didn’t begin to target her until finding out the PT carried a potentially dangerous secret, thinking it may have involved Stefano. Clearly none of those suspicions were true yet to this day as Kate has it out for Jordan but Rafe thinks that Kate only brought him to make Jordan’s life hell. Kate kicks the police officer out when he mentions that at least she’s getting sex out the deal. When Rafe leaves the Dimera Mansion, he makes his way back to the hospital to see Jordan to tell her that he knows all about what Kate did to her. Jordan’s feeling frosty and says none of that matters, they have no chance for reconciliation as it all ended the day he slept with Kate.

Aside from the fact that this story should not have moved at this snail’s pace, it feels like there’s major black hole that’s sucking out all the interesting is Kate! Since when is Kate Roberts someone who doesn’t liven up a storyline and improve it? I feel like the writers really fudged up her intentions for doing all of this to get back at Jordan. Kate has always done outlandish things for the people that she loves but she won’t admit to loving Rafe? They had an intense attraction and it makes sense that she was jealous of Jordan getting closer to Rafe and wanted to investigate her but prolonging her platonic excuse makes no sense to me; not to mention her saddling up with Clyde, someone who should be signaling every alarm in Kate’s head. She’s gone through many abusive relationships throughout the years and if Clyde and Jordan doesn’t remind her even a smidgen of Billie and Curtis Reed, then I don’t know where Kate’s gone. All of the signs are right there! Kate is an investigator to her core. I just can’t believe that she wouldn’t be suspicious about Jordan and even Ben’s reaction to their abusive “father figure”, let alone continue sleeping with him.

Once again, these recaps are not blow for blow recaps and contain a lot of my own feelings toward the storylines this week. Use my points to kick off a conversation. Comment here or tweet me if you agree or disagree with me, I want to know what the readers have to say. Your input is what makes this all the most fun. See you next week!

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