General Hospital Promo: Port Charles rings in the New Year with a bang!

How is ABC’s General Hospital celebrating the new year? By delivering long-awaited payoffs, hook-ups, reunions and setting the stage for new romances!

The new promo highlights what’s to come over the next week and a half of episodes. With Ric reunited with his family, will he and Elizabeth pick up where they let off? Will Carly find comfort with a new (old) flame in Jake/Jason? Meanwhile, jilted exes Julian and Olivia find comfort in one another after being rejected by Alexis and Ned. After reuniting with her daughter Georgie, will Maxie now set her sights on seeing where her relationship with hottie detective Nathan goes? Jordan and Shawn have seemingly gone public with their romance. And last but not least, Sam and Patrick take the next step in their relationship. I REPEAT, SAM AND PATRICK TAKE THE NEXT STEP IN THEIR RELATIONSHIP! That’s right, Sam invites Patrick to spend the night with her, and they kiss in the middle of the MetroCourt!


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