General Hospital Recap: Johnny’s Vengeance, Tearful Goodbyes, Great Escapes (and Captures)

Sonny and Johnny Pentonville
Johnny (Brandon Barash) has words for Sonny (Maurice Benard). Photo courtesy ABC

“This particular police department, it must be said, is not exactly formidable.”

Fluke was right when he uttered those words, the PCPD has its fair share of slip ups but when your town is plagued by super criminals, and it makes sense that you’ll be outsmarted every now and then. There were some embarrassing moments (Dante Falconeri being outrun by septuagenarian Larry Ashton, Dante thinking he couldn’t be outrun by a speeding van, etc.) but within all of that, the officers managed to score one big victory this week in the form of finding Ava Jerome’s long missing baby girl.

The Faison trail quickly runs cold with the least decorated officer in Port Charles, Dante, on the case. We see him roughing up a fisherman at the waterfront with questions about Cesar Faison’s escape. Someone had spotted him on the docks and authorities assumed that he took off from a boat there but the fisherman claims to know nothing about Faison but he does have info on Franco. It was his boat that Franco chartered the night he left Port Charles with Nina Clay and Ava’s baby but before he gives Dante any more, he wants assurance that he won’t be charged in relation to the crime. Dante drags him down to the PCPD station to settle the deal. In the meantime, Kiki Jerome and Morgan Corinthos are at Ryan’s Bar in NYC. When her grandmother Delia Ryan spots her she gets a little crazy, dropping the coffee pot she was carrying in order to snatch her granddaughter up in a hug. What a first meeting that is! Both young adults are a bit in shock at the amount of energy Delia holds but they talk to her anyway, explaining that they’re in the city looking for leads on Ava’s missing baby. Delia mistakes Morgan for Michael Quartermaine but Kiki tells her grandmother that she’s since broken up with Michael, divorced Morgan and that Morgan is actually (allegedly) the father of Ava’s baby daughter. Delia then worries that they think she’s harboring her fugitive daughter to which she denies only to have Silas Clay and Ava Jerome (not even bothering to disguise herself) enter the bar. Kiki can’t believe Silas lied to her about Ava’s whereabouts and Silas has to explain that he didn’t know about her murder charge until Kiki told him, otherwise he wouldn’t have been helping her. Morgan and Ava then argue about her killing Connie Falconeri and keeping it a secret from him. All of this is done out in the open where a smart patron could simply call the cops and get Ava arrested. Amidst the fighting they all learn they’re here to find Franco, Nina and the baby and decide to work together for now.  They meet with Franco’s mother who shows apprehension for helping Ava, the woman whom she thinks caused Franco to become like this. It’s only with Morgan’s honest plea about wanting to see his baby to protect her from Franco, Nina and Ava too that she decides to help them find Franco.

Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) has found Franco (Roger Howarth) and the missing baby. Photo courtesy ABC
Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) has found Franco (Roger Howarth) and the missing baby. Photo courtesy ABC

In Canada, Nina wakes up frantic when she sees baby Jamie gone from her crib. Franco returns with the baby and calms Nina down, assuring her that they’d just gone for a walk and that all was well. Just when Franco promises no one knows where they are, a knock sounds at the door. One of the neighbors is there and she’s found a glove that Jamie had dropped outside. Franco’s clearly a bit uncomfortable with this exchange while Nina hides behind the door, cradling the baby as if ready to run at any moment. Before she can leave, she recognizes him as Franco but he adamantly denies it. The young woman is sure of it though, even mentioning having been to one of his shows in the past. He bends and lets the girl think he’s Franco, but tells her to keep it a secret that he’s up here with his family. Nina comes out from behind the door for this lie, presenting the baby to the neighbor girl before she leaves. Worried that their cover is blown, Nina wants to hit the road as soon as possible citing the dangers of Google News. It’ll take just one click for this fan girl to find the truth about them. Franco promises that he’ll take care of her in only that way he knows how to which Nina smiles, finding it impressive that he’d go to such lengths for his new family. Unfortunately when he steps out of the house, Dante and a Mountie duo are waiting for him. PCPD must have teleporting technology like Helena Cassadine now!

Cuddled up to his chest is what appears to be the baby, so Dante tries to reason with Franco but he knows they won’t shoot him with the baby on him. He easily walks away but they’re hot in pursuit… as usual. The authorities run into Silas, Ava, Kiki and Morgan in the middle of the hunt, all of whom soon corner Franco. Ava turns on that soft voice that she thinks will always help her get her way but Franco doesn’t fall for it as he doesn’t trust her. While everyone’s focused on Franco and the baby, Silas slips away to head up to see Nina. To everyone’s horror down below, Franco drops the “baby” which turns out to just be a bag of flour wrapped in blankets. Dante moves in on Franco and cuffs him for a number of crimes. Franco doesn’t seem to mind though, announcing that everything he did, he did it for Nina. Up in the warehouse, Silas finds Nina and the real baby. Nina’s guard is up with Silas, assuming that he just wants to take the baby away from her though she feels that she’s owed this after what her mother did. Silas tells Nina sweet lies, tapping into all her insecurities and eventually she actually hands over the baby to him with the deluded thought that Silas does want to be a family with her again. Morgan and Ava catch up and the exchange continues with Morgan apprehending Nina while Silas gives Ava her baby. Nina has a fit over this, crying until she’s red in the face until Silas takes hold of her so Ava and Morgan could go back outside. Just when the two feel at ease with the baby now returned, Dante swoops in to arrest Ava for murder.

Once again, these recaps are not blow for blow recaps and contain a lot of my own feelings toward the storylines this week! Use my points to kick off a conversation! Comment here or tweet me if you agree or disagree with me, I want to know what the readers have to say! Your input is what makes this all the most fun! See you next week!

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