‘Sons of Anarchy’ Series Finale Review: ‘Papa’s Goods’


The final ride is over.  I am sad, but I have to say the ending was fitting and I could not see a better way to wrap up the entire storyline. I was not shocked with the finale, I mean c’mon folks, this was always based on Hamlet.  But what I will miss most is these characters I grew to love and hate, and a show so smart and beautifully written week after week. What the hell are we going to watch now?! Well anywho, for the last time…don’t cry…here are the highlights of our finale:

CameHOMELESS Lady: Yes, she was back. The homeless lady who has appeared throughout seven seasons of our show was back again. Kurt Sutter stated on Anarchy Afterword that she’s whomever you want her to be. Rude, and let’s face it, not true. Most people concur, and I do as well, that she’s the angel of death. She was killed in a car crash caused by JT Teller. She’s dead! She was also eating bread and drinking wine when Jax sees her. Jesus people, bread and wine, HELLLOO. She always popped up when something bad happened or was about to happen. She also lets Jax know that “it’s time.” Well way to foreshadow, Dead Lady!

Oh those pesky Irish: Why are they always a thorn in this club’s side? Shouldn’t they just be content drinking and selling their guns to everyone? Stop being racist! So to make a long Irish story short…too late…SAMCRO goes after Connor for Roarke and the Kings, but ends up making a deal with the slimeball. Jax kills Roarke and makes a deal with Connor since he now cannot return to Belfast and is an outlaw himself. Connor will work with Alvarez selling guns, and the Irish Kings are no longer a factor in the world of SAMCRO. Was this really all he had to do?  We could have settled this years ago!  Way to wrap it up in a neat little bow, Sutter! I’ll buy it since the Irish have been the most annoying frenemy ever.

First Black Member of SAMCRO: No, it’s NOT Juice because he tried to hide it and he was only half black. T.O. is officially made a member of SAMCRO after 10 years of loyalty to the club. Of course it takes the last episode to finally get rid of that pesky rule when the club has been dealing with loyal black allies for years now. This is what Jax discussed with the leaders last week prior to his Mayhem deal. T.O. was deserving of the cut and will be a great addition to this team of knuckleheads.

Nero Didn’t Fiddle: Nero survived! Well at least a good man made it out of this world somehow. Jax tells Nero that he is leaving and wants him to make sure he takes care of a few things for him. Wendy will inherit the garage and all of Jax’s property to sell so she can raise the boys outside of Charming. He also tells his friends the truth about Gemma. He did what he only knows: to kill. Jax wants Nero to make sure that his boys don’t become killers and criminals like him. He is not a good man, and his sons need to grow up hating him. Jax says goodbye to Wendy and the boys, and Nero leaves with them to take them to their new life. Nero is a good choice, and thank God the boys have Wendy as well. She really stepped up, and Nero will help her along the way. Hopefully Jax’s wishes come true, but oh that Abel…..

We Don’t Care: Althea broke up with Chibs. Bitch, you are so going to regret that when you see his new title change. You won’t last long in Charming. Buh Bye.

Mr. Mayhem: Mr. Mayhem was very, very busy tonight. Jax tells Chibs that he confessed to killing Jury and lying about it being self-defense. Now he must face a Mayhem vote. Chibs gives his word that he will do as Jax asks and vote yes on a Mayhem vote. Seeing Chibs choke up and cry makes me cry, and I hate feelings! Tig and Chibs discuss the vote and Chibs just tells a disbelieving Tig that it has to be done. SAMCRO has a meeting and all members unwillingly vote yes to Jax Teller meeting Mr. Mayhem.  When SAMCRO is together again with Jax, Jax cuts off his President patch and hands it to Chibs, our new Club President. Jax cuts off Chibs V.P. patch and Chibs chooses to hand it to Tig, with Jax remarking that it’s a good choice. Jax says he is ready and as he is being held, Chibs shoots Happy in the arm instead. They plan on acting like Jax escaped, so he can go out on his terms. Jax hugs each member and says goodbye to his real family. Tig has no works, and Chibs wants to make him proud. WHY AM I CRYING OVER GROWN MEN ACTING LIKE BABIES?! In his final words to the club. Jax says, “I got this,” just as Opie had said before his death. THE SHAKESPEAREAN FORESHADOWING IS KILLING ME…all we need is a guy in a dress and this would be a Shakespearean play….and there goes Venus Van Dam holding a sad Tig….yep it’s Shakespeare!

Jax’s Confession: In his last ditch effort to be a good guy, Jax tells D.A. Patterson the truth about Tara’s murder. On tape, he confesses that Gemma and Juice were behind the murders of Tara and Eli. He says Gemma and Unser are at his grandfather’s house, and the violence in Oakland will be over at the end of the day. Off the record, he says the Chinese had nothing to do with the murder, and that he has resolved all issues on the streets. At the end of the day, the bad guys lose.  Unser and Gemma’s bodies are carted off, as well as the rest of the dead. At the end of the day, the bad guys did lose, and the streets are at peace….for now.

Jax’s Final Ride: Its pretty clear to me where this episode is headed right from the beginning. After having sex for obviously the last time, Jax prepares for his final day. He destroys all photos and journals he has kept, and also burns JT’s manuscript. He visits Opie’s grave and places his SONS rings on his tombstone. He also visits Tara’s grave, kisses it, and leaves his wedding ring.  If you thought Jax was going to live after these moments…BOY WERE YOU IN DENIAL!

Jax does clean house before he leaves. After dealing with the Irish issues, he kills Robocop…who was shockingly not hanging out by the docks. Jax uses the homeless lady’s blanket and kills Marks on the courthouse steps. After committing multiple murders, Jax is now wanted by the police.  Thus begins the final ride…

Jax visits JT’s rock and says he was sorry for the way things turned out, but it was too late for him. It isn’t too late for his sons….ABEL BEGS TO DIFFER. I will get to that little evil troll later. He loves his father and understands what he did. The cops spot Jax and a police chase ensues. I say chase, but those cop cars look like they were going 40 mph. Good old Michael Chiklis appears driving his Papa Good’s truck. First off, that explains the episode title, and secondly as if killing Ma Petite on American Horror Story wasn’t enough for you Chiklis? You have to kill errbody?  Change your last name to ChiKILLis. As Jax sees the oncoming truck, he seems relieved that things are falling into place, and like father like son, he releases his hands from his motorcycle and heads straight for the truck. Jax Teller is dead, and that homeless lady’s bread is on the side of the road covered in blood. DO YA GET IT NOW?! Blood (wine), the bread…it’s biblical and now on to Abel who will ruin everything!

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow: Now it’s time for me to say goodbye. I loved this show and everything about it. I will probably rewatch because there is so much you can miss. Sutter is subtle with all his hints and metaphors, but ultimately Jax ended up just like his father. And now Abel will end up like Jax. Abel was last seen playing with the SONS ring Gemma gave him. No one knew he had it, and Gemma herself said that Abel is destined to become a SAMCRO member. Will he? Probably because I smell a spinoff or a movie. Let’s face it, he is a demented little boy surrounded by violence and he will not forget any of this. So Jax’s wishes will probably be crushed, but they at least have the opportunity to come true, which is more than anyone ever did for Jax. Chibs will make a good president, and one can only hope the club continues it’s less criminally inclined lifestyle. Will the club survive? Will Chibs be a good President? Will there ever be another Gemma? Will Abel join the club 15 years from now? Unfortunately, I cannot say we will find out next time. Sons of Anarchy is over. We lived it and loved it. But don’t worry… I got this.

Amanda Drago
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