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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Bradley Bell & Co. Celebrate 7,000 Episodes With A Bang!


Who says you can’t go home again? Last week on the The Bold and the Beautiful, home comings felt like the theme as sisters were reunited, company positions shifted and the prodigal valley girl galloped back into town on the same high horse she left on. Capped off by a special presentation celebrating the 7,000th episode, the LA sudser displayed equal parts drama and fun and left us clamoring for more after the mother of all cliffhangers!

Under The Following Conditions 

I have to say that one of the best things about last week on B&B was seeing characters that we haven’t seen in weeks(some for months). As much as I have enjoyed the battle at Forrester, finally getting across town to check in on the happenings at Spencer Publications was enjoyable and very much needed. Speaking of needing, that Bill Spencer is just doing anything he possibly can to get back Katie, isn’t he? Including making her Vice President of the company after bumping Liam to President. I’ve made fun of Liam in the past for being at Forrester more than at Spencer, but the promotion seemed to be genuine and justified. Katie’s however felt like another play to get back in her good graces, among other things. She is more than qualified for the position, but we all know $Bill doesn’t give without expecting to receive. However it was Katie who was making demands before she accepted the position at Spencer. And of course, Bill caved to every last one of them through a growl. It’s interesting to me that Bill doesn’t view Katie as too demanding when trying to get her back, but used that as one of the biggest reasons his “attention” wandered to her sister. But I digress. My feelings for this reunion aside, I love and appreciate the time and care they are taking with this. The acknowledgement and ownership from Bill of his betrayal and Katie genuinely struggling with her resurfacing feelings is what great angst is made of.

Following the promotions and an earful from his irreproachable niece Caroline, Bill left Spencer Publications to go play bully. He’s so good at that. Especially when the person on the receiving end is a woman. Having just caught up with her newly in town sister Nicole, Maya face a barrage of threats by the King Caveman. This scene told me more about Maya than it did about Bill as she barely blinked at his intimidation tactics. Bill Spencer is used to getting what he wants. And what he seems to want is the niece he loves so dearly back with a man who has been publically berating and cheating on her for weeks now. Nothing at all wrong with that picture. The amount of people on canvas fighting for a marriage more than the people in the marriage seems to be growing every day. Speaking of, back at Spencer, Katie and Caroline came face to face for what they said was the first time (it wasn’t). Part of me wanted Katie to read Caroline the riot act like she did Brooke then I realized just how different the situations were. Katie’s calmness and maturity about it made sense but, it also left me feeling like her love for Ridge might not have been that strong to begin with. I do have to say one thing though. I need people to stop with the “artistic passions” mumbo jumbo. It’s silly and irrelevant. Ridge Forrester is a playboy. Let’s stop glossing over that fact simply because he has a pencil in his right hand while he’s left is running up another woman’s leg.

Officially On Notice

Liam Spencer has become one of those characters whose likability is squarely aligned with the storyline he’s in. I personally had little use for him while he was waist deep in the endless Lope vortex. Take him out of that and it’s like night and day. His stock shot through the roof this week as he threw the tantrum laden Rick to the ground for his latest tirade on Caroline and Ivy. Liam did what I thought Bill should have done from the beginning instead of accosting Maya. He put Rick on his back, in his place and on warning that as long as he was around, he would defend the people he cares about. As sexy as this moment was for the Spencer Junior, I did have a brief moment where I flashed back to him verbally attacking Quinn, Wyatt punching him in the face to stop it and the fake outrage of it all. I know, I know…I have to get used to the overuse of hypocrisy with these characters. I’m getting there. Hero Liam was later rewarded that night by finally getting horizontal with Ivy. To be completely honest, I really thought they had slept together in Amsterdam and just hadn’t shown it. Regardless, it was a sweet moment for the two love birds and a great calm before the storm that is the other brunette in Liam’s life hitting the shores next week.

While things were getting hot and heavy in Malibu, the heat was also being turned up in the offices of Forrester as Ridge and Caroline met up to play “The Teacher and His Muse.” After being filled in on the latest show down with Rick, Ridge attempted to take Caroline’s mind off the drama and focus on their “bodies of work” if you will. Sketching led to touching which led to kissing one again for these two. When getting caught up in moments like these, it’s probably best to make sure the door is closed all the way. While Caroline was throwing caution to the wind, her husband was just a few feet across with hall with a stiff drink and divorces papers. Oh and did I mention a loaded revolver? Did Rick really go bang bang into the room? We will soon find out!

No Place Like Home

Also shown this week was the brief appearance of Deacon and Quinn who’ve been MIA for a while. They were the first stop on Brooke’s welcome home rounds. And she didn’t come without that loveable pretentiousness that we know all too well. Hopping right back on the “Quinn The Town Pariah” train as she blamed her for Hope’s fall and miscarriage. Not shocking at all really. Of course she would defend her daughter and her wellbeing. What was a little surprising was Brooke’s lack of knowledge of anything going on with Rick and Caroline as she was greeted by a lingerie clad Maya at the Forrester estate. I’m sure they have phones in Italy, ci? And even if they didn’t, Hope joined her mother in Italy after the Caroline/Ridge kiss-a-thon first went public. Why she didn’t seem to have a clue about what was going on seemed a little odd, but I’m sure she will be filled in and pick a side well before her bags are unpacked.

On Friday, The Bold and the Beautiful celebrated its 7,000th episode with a special presentation. Fans got a glimpse of behind the scenes action as well as a history lesson of characters and storylines past. What a treat! As someone who has been watching the show on and off since it first debuted, it was really nice to see something like this. I especially loved seeing how popular and loved this show is on a global scale. You would think they were The Beatles overseas! The Bell family has been creating and cultivating brilliance for decades and continues to up the ante while their peers remain stagnant. I find myself lucky to bear witness to it all. Congratulations! Here’s to 7,000 more!

Ashley Dionne
Ashley Dionne joined the TV Source Magazine team in December 2014. She served as TV Source's deputy editor from 2016-2019. In 2021, she resumed hosting duties on the TV Source Podcast.

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  1. I guess Promoting bullies has paid off for B&B !! No longer the classy show I started watching a couple years ago!! Trying to teach my kids how awful it is to be a bully, and then I watch a show that promotes it, and there are never any consequences for their actions–I’m no hypocrite, so done watching it! Sick world we live in when bullies are glorified!

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