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General Hospital Recap: Olivia does the walk of shame, Bobbie has a Nightmare on Elm Street


General Hospital had a sort of quiet week this past week, giving the viewers a little more backstory and foreshadowing than mob shootouts. It’s always a nice change when there’s a little more family time instead of mob family time in Port Charles anyway. Let’s check out what went down!

Olivia’s morning shame

It still feels like I’m watching a new sequel to Bridget Jones whenever Olivia Falconeri is on screen, and I’m not complaining at all. After some electrifying New Year’s scenes with mobster Julian Jerome, the two of them took it right down to the bed for some hot action. They both had their minds elsewhere, dreaming of the ones they truly loved, but they made it work anyway. In classic romantic comedy form, just as Olivia was trying to make a quiet escape from the hotel room, they’re caught in next to nothing by the two people they were trying to hide from. Ned Ashton and Alexis Davis had their own romantic night in as a couple so when they come upon a very non-couple in a peculiar state of dress, things get a bit heated. As if he has any right to do so, Ned actually tries to ask if Julian forced himself on Olivia, as if she’s not a grown woman who can make her own sexual choices. I was extremely joyful when Olivia put him in his place (what she does best), expressing those similar sentiments to him. Ned was the one who turned her down and she was the one who ended their friendship, he has no reason to behave in such a way. Later, Olivia apologizes to an aloof Alexis who does not accept it, thinking Olivia only slept with Julian to get at her. So she does care about him even when she says she doesn’t… Obviously. If she wasn’t getting to Alexis before, Olivia does it then, reading the lawyer inside and out about how she’s using Ned while still wanting Julian.

One of the best scenes this last week was when Olivia and Carly Corinthos-Jacks were lounging by the bar having a little girl talk. Always as sharp as knife, Carly quickly put together that Olivia and Julian slept together but instead of digging on her too hard, the conversation transformed into a trash Alexis conversation – which I think we can sometimes we could use some more. Even with Julian being a total wuss and locking himself away in prison, I do hope we get to see some more Julivia in the future. Before all of these New Year’s developments, I was very stuck in my ways when it came to the two couples (Julian had to be with Alexis and Olivia with Ned) but now I find myself not minding wherever these four may fall as long as it’s within this square.

Johnny’s intimidation

But who is really doing the intimidating? This week Johnny Zacchara became a free man again, literally waltzing his way back into everyone’s lives again with that lazy smile and sweet words; some were convinced (the ladies) but a few others were far less amused (the gentlemen). The very first person that Johnny bumped into in Port Charles was Lulu Spencer-Falconeri, ex-girlfriend and best friend, and it took no time at all for them to fall right back into line. I wasn’t watching GH back when they dated with someone else in Lulu’s role, but the sparks were flying all over between these two actors, showing in not just the dialogue but in their mannerisms as well. Lulu was apologetic for never keeping in touch during Johnny’s time at Pentonville but to him, it was all water under the bridge, insisting that there was too much love and history between them to let that get in the way. So they started anew with shots at the Metro Court bar much to Dante’s dismay. He’d just spent a bit of his day complaining to Anna Devane about his worries when it came to Johnny’s closeness to Lulu, he didn’t want any of that reigniting now that the mobster was back in town.

But like a bees to honey, Johnny and Lulu couldn’t keep away from each other. Insecurities mounting against him, Dante found his way to Johnny’s place with Nathan in tow where they thought they could throw around their police muscle to shake him up. Since when is it okay for officers to make personal threats? Johnny doesn’t take the bait though and rubs in his strong connection to Lulu right in Dante’s face, even touching on his closeness to Maxie Jones too. All of this masculine bravado is going down as Lulu and Maxie gab about sex, drinking and Johnny’s return. I hope that their touching on Johnny coming in between them in the past is foreshadowing for a revisit down the line. Dante and Lulu are the most boring couple on GH’s canvas at the moment, they just don’t fit and you all know how I feel about Nathan and Maxie. Throw some bad boy in between these snooze worthy pairs and something big will happen; the foreshadowing was a bit heavy handed but if it actually pans out, I think this storyline will have a huge impact as it shatters apart some of Port Charles’ favorites. Just please don’t waste Johnny on only this tired mob business.

Bobbie Spencer’s afraid of ghosts

At least she’s afraid of ghosts of the pasts, and there was a huge one that cast a shadow over Bobbie Spencer’s week and it was in the form of her childhood home. Michael Quartermaine informed his grandmother that ELQ was going ahead with plans to build a clinic in honor of AJ Quartermaine but recent complications forced them to choose a new location, one that had ties to his family – the old Spencer family home on Elm Street. The timing for all of this was uncanny as we got the opportunity to dig more into the Spencer family history, something that hasn’t been told in years but is by no means any less exciting. For most, this family history is much more interesting than the long winded tale of Fluke.

Bobbie began her week talking with her “brother” at the Metro Court over breakfast where the topic of their deceased cousin Bill Eckhert comes up. The younger Spencer mentions that he was the first person that came to mind when it was discovered that Luke had been an imposter but Fluke assures her that Bill is long gone and it’s all Luke’s fault. The character of Bill Eckhert literally died for Luke but it wasn’t his fault necessarily, he had no hand in the death so Fluke reacting so adversely to that and Bobbie’s subsequent badmouthing of her cousin makes one wonder. But nothing is every this cut and dry in soap operas, especially not with the Fluke storyline. When Bobbie and Michael turn up to the Spencer home, we’ve already learned that Fluke is actually keeping Luke captive in that house’s basement! While his sister and great-nephew poke around upstairs, Bobbie misty-eyed with both bad and good memories, Fluke is taunting Luke about how he knows so much about the Spencer family – because he might just be a part of it! Luke deduces that he must be Bill come back to life but Fluke gives him no answers only threatens Bobbie’s life with the smashing of a bottle, unknowingly alerting the two upstairs. Michael volunteers to check it out but Bobbie looks a lot less sure about all of this probably because of a little PTSD, she looks terrified. It’s unsure on whether they’ll discover the real Luke down in the basement but one thing’s for sure, Bobbie and Luke’s long lost sister Patricia has to be tied into this story somehow. In the last few days of this week she was mentioned more times than she’d probably been mentioned in 40 years. Could she actually be Fluke and not Bill? It’s very possible that she could be a very masculine looking woman and it’s easy for her to pass as a man… or you know, she has one of those WSB high tech masks. Either way, the suspect pool has narrowed down to two as the truth threatens to finally be exposed after a rocky year. Do you have any Fluke theories?

Once again, these recaps are not blow for blow recaps and contain my own feelings toward the storylines this week. Use my points to kick off a conversation! Comment or tweet me if you agree or disagree with me, I want to know what the readers have to say. Your input is what makes this all the most fun. See you next week!

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