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Days of our Lives Recap: Daniel and Nicole bring romance to Salem, Theresa’s nightmares add a jolt


Days of our Lives had me hooked all week! There will always be bumps in the roads when it comes to stories on any soap opera, but thankfully none of them were on the front burner this week in Salem. The viewers were treated to hefty helpings of mystery, romance, intrigue and betrayal and I cannot wait to dig back in. Let’s check it out!

Nicole lets in the wrong one

There’s no denying that Nicole Walker and Daniel Jonas were a little aw-worthy this week but none of that can cancel out how much of a douche he’s been to her. Nicole and Daniel have chemistry, Ari Zucker and Shawn Christian just fit together when they’re on screen and it just livens up the atmosphere like an actual romance should (ehem, the snoozefest that is Dannifer) but in the back of my mind I could not stop screaming at her to cut it out! Daniel doesn’t deserve an adorably set up scavenger hunt of flower bouquets with a kiss at the end. Not from Nicole Walker! By the way, did anyone else notice that to make up to Daniel for breaking into Serena Mason’s hotel room thus proving she’s not over Eric Brady, Nicole broke into Daniel’s apartment to leave him love notes? Classic Nicole.

What wasn’t in everyday Nicole form was her surprising vulnerability showcased this week. What I can appreciate about her relationship with Daniel is that they’re good friends, they have fun times and with that companionship, trust comes easily. This week Nicole trusted Daniel enough to tell him that she’s never felt good enough for love, especially with recent events involving a judgmental stranger named Serena and her puppy dog Eric. What particularly struck me was that Nicole did not just blame the two of them but let most of it fall on the faults within herself, her own insecurities with the way she’s behaved that has lead her to feel like a horrible person who doesn’t deserve love from good men. Daniel tries to explain that their issues have nothing to do with her not being good enough but he has to return to work. It’s not until Nicole appeals to him with flowers and her open heart that they finally decide to try again and they make love.

It was sweet in the sense that this was some romance that Days has needed. All their couples are either cheating on one another or going for hourly jogs that lead right to the bedroom; nothing has been worthy of an old-fashioned swoon until Nicole and Daniel this week. But still, they’re just right for each other right now. I think the bigger question is just in whom can Nicole find an equal that will love her wholeheartedly regardless of her moral shortcomings at times? I’ve sort of lost hope in believing it’s Eric as he’s so stuck up and rigid now that only an idiot would take to him. Marlena and he can have that globetrotting redhead. At the end of this week, Nicole received an anonymous tip at Titan TV that fueled her suspicions that Serena was definitely hiding something. Hopefully her investigation won’t blow up in her face. (It will.)

Aiden’s slippery side-stepping

This Aiden Jennings has been surprising as the crafty deflector, always doing something suspicious only to easily throw others off with just his words. One would think that his career in law has allowed him to become this smooth talker but with Bree’s rising accusations of him, Kayla Brady’s suspicions and Hope Brady’s clear denial of any negativity, it’s becoming apparent that Aiden has honed these skills while covering his tracks from Portland these last few years.

Alarmed by Kayla saying that Aiden threatened Bree for speaking to Hope about him, Hope did what one would expect a super cop to do, she took it directly to him and confronted him. Was he being genuine? Or was he playing her? Either way, Aiden met Hope with all the right answers, slandering Bree’s credibility by turned her into an obsessed threat to his small family which Hope bought after taking a peek at some of her irate e-mails to Aiden. I’m glad that they’ve decided to keep this story near the front burner now, the pace of the mystery unfolding naturally to keep us curious but also conflicted! Aiden and Hope are growing closer than ever now, their bonds solid as exhibited when Hope stood up for her man to a questioning Kayla, but all of these warning signs continue to appear only to have him talk them out of existence. Just what is the truth here? I do think they could stand to give more time to Aiden and Hope’s storyline, the execution lately has been extremely well. Aiden’s so slick, so handsome that you don’t want to believe that he would ever harm anyone, let alone lie to Hope. But can you ever really trust a lawyer? I can truly say that I’m not exactly sure what the truth is regarding Aiden’s past but everything should come to light soon, if we recall that his wife will be appearing sometime during February sweeps. But will it be for flashback scenes… or scenes in the present?

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