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Days of our Lives Recap: Daniel and Nicole bring romance to Salem, Theresa’s nightmares add a jolt


Theresa’s phantom embryo

Dry spells can really test a viewer and I know that it wasn’t just me that had worried that maybe the Days writers had forgotten Theresa Donovan’s womb was scooped up and plopped into Kristen Dimera just months ago. For a good while Theresa carried on as per usual, tongue wagging out of her mouth and dollar signs in her eyes but this week what she had no clue was a façade began to finally chip away. The beginning of the week showed Theresa waking up in cold sweats, visions of foggy forests and a man snatching her up plaguing her but never giving her enough information to truly understand the meaning behind these visions. Theresa was giving us such classic soap with her erratic behavior, jumping down others’ throats more than usual as she tried to make sense of these disjointed nightmares.

Watching these scenes this week was like getting a jolt of electricity. Although Kristen Dimera’s arc last year had a few points that were left to be desired, her exit was so deliciously dark. Everyone wanted it to continue to run through storylines like an undercurrent until the character’s return but instead we got Theresa doing her best at saddling up to Paul Norita. I know, her memory got wiped after the procedure, she had to go on as usual yet it was still jarring to see her crying about not faking her pregnancy while trying to get in another rich man’s pants. These dreams have begun to awaken a more vulnerable side in Theresa who seemed so on edge this week; putting words into Brady Black’s mouth to incite a confrontation (basically tearing herself down), going after Melanie Jonas time again just to break down in the hospital waiting room over a rattle and flee the spot in the park where she’d been unknowingly snagged. The most emotional the viewers were ever treated to when it came to Theresa was either her angry or jealous, usually because she felt that she was being unfairly treated, we’ve never seen her shed actual tears over the unknown baby that was torn from her. I’ve always liked Theresa and I know she’s never gotten a lot of viewer sympathy, but I do hope that people will begin to feel for this girl now that she’s going through this trial.

Just like with John Black’s (Theresa induced) amnesia a few months ago, it’ll be a fun ride watching her piece together her memories until she reaches the conclusion that her womb was robbed! And we all know Kristen will be waiting at the end of that trail wearing a smirk and a DVF wrap dress.

Will gets all kinds of scoops from Paul

No one will disagree when I say that Days has had some lazy writing for their storylines in the last few years. There can be a big set up, big time actors in promising roles only for everything to fall flat in a matter of weeks only to never be discussed again. I honestly had the same fear when Paul Norita came to Salem spouting out his feelings for ex-love, Sonny Kiriakis behind every closed door. I really thought the two of them would sleep together because Sonny’s having trouble with husband Will Horton and that was that… but no, that was not what happened! That was not what happened at all! Will and Paul’s chemistry sizzled every time they did work on their article together but the viewers expected things to go the obvious route which was not having Will jumping into bed with Paul like he did this week! I hoped, prayed and dreamed for it to happen but I didn’t think it would at all.

Will finally asks Paul if he's gay.For the last few weeks, Will has been blowing Sonny off to work on his interview with Paul which all ties right into Will being a career-focused jerk for the last half of the year, and Paul who has been dying to get closer to Sonny again has been unknowingly growing closer to his husband. Since Will takes off his wedding ring every time he sees Paul (red flag!), they both practically flirt their heads off whenever they’re in that hotel room. It was only a matter of time until it came to this. Paul’s emotions were off kilter after finding out he’d never be able to pitch the same again, unsure if he should continue his career some other way or go on to live as an out gay man. There are a handful of moments where the line is nearly crossed between the two men but any danger passes once Will leaves. Little does he know, Sonny has spent all of New Year’s drinking away his sorrows over losing their entire savings in a bad investment which Will would have known had he answered his phone. The next day Will is meeting with his grandmother Kate Roberts, ignoring Sonny’s calls still, as he gets her advice on his column. Though she has no clue of what she’s doing, Kate urges Will to get Paul to show more of his true self. Will returns to the baseball star’s room to ask outright if he’s gay and the answer he receives is a lot less verbal, and a lot more physical.

I think what the most interesting aspect of this storyline is revolves around the actual motives for why it happened. I don’t think Will is interested in kicking off an affair with Paul because I do think he loves Sonny with all of his heart. However, I do think that as the offspring of Lucas Horton and Sami Brady, Will lacks a little bit of a moral code and it’s been showing more and more lately. There was a moment when after having sex for the second time, Paul warns Will not to tell anyone only for the fresh reporter to assure him that he wouldn’t – all the while encouraging him to do it himself with encouraging speak. To me it sounded like he was fishing for exclusive rights to his coming out story! I’ve been waiting for Will’s scheming side to come out more, to even show a flash of the DNA he shares with his parents and I think this might actually be the time. Yes, he’s a cheater… Boo hoo. WilSon has been stagnant for a long time now and even if cheating is a cliché way to give a couple some meat to chew, I don’t think this triangle will be so cut and dry. Can’t wait to see what happens next, what about you?

Once again, these recaps are not blow for blow recaps and contain a lot of my own feelings toward the storylines this week. Use my points to kick off a conversation! Comment here or tweet me if you agree or disagree with me, I want to know what the readers have to say. Your input is what makes this all the most fun. See you next week!

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