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General Hospital Spoilers: February 23, 2015 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Sonny is suspicious of Jake, Spencer and Emma find themselves in peril, Anna plans to bring down Sloane, Michael and Morgan have a confrontation. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital preview for the week of February 23, 2015.

The Other Man

Jake is disappointed when things don’t go as planned and later Sam offers to help him. Meanwhile, Elizabeth remains livid with Ric for his recent actions against Jake leading Ric to question her true feelings for Jake. Jake has a murky dream that he shares with Elizabeth. Despite his feelings of closeness towards her, Jake explains to Liz that he does not want to come between her and Ric.

Having his own reservations regarding Jake, Sonny asks Shawn to keep an eye on Carly’s new friend. Will Sonny and Ric’s relationship thaw, as both learn family must stick together?

Prince of Wails

Spencer makes a grand entrance to his birthday party that is followed by a huge argument between Emma and Cameron. Spencer nobly consoles Emma, sharing a special moment with her after his party. However, both of them are unaware that danger is lurking in Wyndemere. Will the unthinkable happen to Spencer?

Meanwhile, Nikolas continues to feel guilty about hiding what he knows from those he loves. Once Nikolas and Patrick realize the threat to Emma and Spencer, they rush to protect their children. Later, Elizabeth rushes to Nikolas’s side and tries to comfort him. Will the prince go to great measures to repair the terrible circumstances?

Also this week:

Alexis and Nathan arrive with some good news for Nina, however the arrangement comes with a few conditions. Having taken a similar trip herself, Olivia visits Franco to lend support. Later, Nina and Franco share their latest ploys with each other.

Olivia is grateful for Ned’s support during her unexpected pregnancy. But, Alexis confesses to Julian that she continues to doubt Ned’s recent confession. Will everyone learn the truth?

Anna shares her plans with Jordan to bring down Sloane. Later, Duke and Anna have a tense conversation about his mob dealings. How will Anna feel when Duke offers Julian a truce?

  • Michael and Morgan have a confrontation over Michael’s intentions which end up upsetting Kiki.
  • Michael continues his quest for revenge.
  • Nathan is not sure about Maxie’s loyalty.
  • Maxie stands her ground after someone’s declaration of love.
  • Dante and Nathan cross with Luke.
  • Silas is keeping a secret from everyone and tries to keep his secret at bay.
  • Bobbie admits to Lulu and Tracy that she does not remember much about her family history, and they all decide to hire a PI to learn the truth.

Source Sneak Peak: March 2

Maxie is taken aback by Spinelli’s actions. Nina and Franco team up with an unlikely person. Sloane has a proposal for Jake. Ava’s wake begins.

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