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Days of our Lives Recap: Paul’s dad may be a familiar face, Theresa looks for love in all the wrong places


Days of Our Lives this past week delivered some long-awaited developments in the storylines that had a lot of viewers curious. Some of these plot developments worked well while others only proceeded to give fans even more questions. All in all, it was a watchable week that propped up some of its stronger and weaker mysteries, one that was definitely bearable after a few weeks of dragging stories. Let’s check out what happened last time in Salem!

Baby Daddy Drama

Though it’s been a bit of the predictable kind of drama, the issue regarding Paul Narita’s paternity has stirred up some drama nonetheless. These last few months on Days has had more than a handful of flat storylines (some might even say non-storylines), but there’s no doubt that the gays in town have been able to keep things interesting. Now with Will Horton’s cheating scandal with Paul exposed to most of the town, the natural progression of things saw Sonny Kiriakis having to get away and Will trying to force Paul out of Salem before his husband returned. He’d almost succeeded but in the end, we all know that new characters cannot show up in Salem without having some kind of familial tie to it. So far we’d only heard of Paul’s mother and grandfather, no talk of other family which could only mean that some of them were hidden in plain sight in Salem.

Will has been pushing on at full steam to try and get Paul out of town even if it means investigating his jittery mother. Lucas Horton is worried about his son this week, wondering why he’s prioritizing Guy Wilson, Freddie Smiththis story and his career over saving his marriage to Sonny. Lucas’ fears only deepen when Roman Brady shows up after having done some of his own investigating for his grandson. The picture of Tori Narita that Will has in his possession was taken near the Dimera mansion nine months before Paul’s birth; the only people living there at the time were Stefano, Kristen and Peter. Will really feels that he’s come upon another big scoop and that this will be his next big national story but it all comes shattering down when he finds out from John Black that Paul will be in town for just a little bit longer. The ex-baseball player had agreed to be a part of a charity function before deciding on heading back to San Francisco, but with a little talk from John, he decided to stick around for his commitment. Unfortunately for Paul, his mother found out that he’d been talking to John and let him have it for that. After Will’s threats, Tori was more than ready to book it out of town (as if she hadn’t been ready from day one) but the closer Paul got to John, the more nervous she seemed to become. Could he have a part in all of this too? Paul manages to talk his mother out of her fervor and heads to the square for the charity photoshoot only to lock eyes with Sonny who’d just returned. While the two past lovers promise to sever ties, Will storms his way to Paul’s hotel room to find only Tori there. He threatens her again, promising to tell Paul that Salem is where Tori met his father and that he’s a man named Dimera. Tori does her best to try and talk Will out of this, but it’s clear to the reporter that he’s struck a nerve with her.

Later, when they’re back in their respective homes, both Paul and Will have some messes to deal with involving their family. Sonny finds out that Will is hounding Paul and worries that his husband is obsessed with his ex-boyfriend while Tori berates Paul for interacting with Sonny when they should be getting out of Salem! Both men promise there’s nothing more to any of their actions, further entangling themselves into this web that will hopefully lead to – a threeway marriage? No? I guess all dreams don’t come true.

But what do you think about Will’s conclusion that Paul is possibly a Dimera? Stefano does not need any more kids, so could he be getting an adoptive grandson in the form of a gay former baseball star? Peter never comes up often in Days of Our Lives, so name-dropping him now could very well be signaling to his return because there’s no way that the writers would make John out to be Paul’s father. The way that the writers have handled John and Paul’s interactions have been extremely heavy handed, so him ultimately having fathered a son with Tori would just be lazy storytelling. But it’s happened before, so there’s still a chance for that. I’d personally love to see him be a Dimera, there’s such a lack of them onscreen at the moment. But he’ll probably be Paul Black by the end of the year. Who do you think is Paul’s daddy?

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