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General Hospital Recap: Morgan and Kiki plot against Michael, Anna tries to do right by Jordan


General Hospital had a bit of a slow week this last week, which sometimes is warranted for a show with nearly seventy different characters all with crisscrossing storylines that come at you at a hundred miles an hour. Port Charles deserves a bit of a break. Most of the week was focused around building tensions between characters not so much on the actual moving along of many of the storylines which is important for development, but wasn’t really that interesting to me. Let’s check out a few of Port Charles’ highlights from last week!

So a baby walks into a bar…

Right from the beginning of the scene, I knew that this would be a bad idea for Michael Quartermaine. The Metro Court has a restaurant too, yes, but the bar is an integral part of that so showing up with baby Avery in her carrier just looks awkward in general. I was surprised no character mentioned that, especially when Michael came across Duke Lavery and the two went at it over – Sonny Corinthos, of course. Michael thinks Duke is a hypocrite for turning to Sonny after AJ Quartermaine helped him out and before the argument can get out of hand, Lucy Coe and Sabrina Santiago show up to cut it off. They’d just been talking about the upcoming Nurse’s Ball which Sabrina thought she shouldn’t take part in since she’d been fired from General Hospital, but since she’s still technically a nurse, Lucy decides to be lenient and let her still perform.

The friendly women take the two men to opposite sides of the Metro Court, one half posting themselves at the bar (with a baby) while the other two decide on where to go next in their friendship. Lucy and Duke have been teased for a long while now but for the first time, they really took the time out for them to discuss their direction like adults. From their messy break ups with longtime loves to committing crimes together, the two of them feel closer than ever and are interested in moving on – yet neither of them say anything as Michael orders a drink while holding a baby!

As if psychically tied to Michael, Kiki Jerome and Morgan Corinthos are across town at Kelly’s gossiping about how to get back at him. Kiki is still angry that Michael hired Sabrina to be Avery’s nurse considering she basically tried to kill her while she was still inside of Ava. This worries Morgan who is the one that suggests they play dirty to get the baby back. These twentysomethings have no jobs, no hobbies, nothing else to do but sit around the local watering hole plotting while their older family members get into the exciting adventures. Isn’t there something wrong there? But I digress, these young adults not behaving like young adults isn’t the main point of the story, it’s that they’re crafting up a pretty dark plot to get their revenge on Michael.

After some more talking, Morgan brings up the history of alcoholism in the Quartermaine family, deciding to use that to make Michael seem like an unfit parent. Some people did not like this development while others thought Michael deserved to be done as dirty as he’s done everyone else lately; I honestly fall somewhere in between these two polarizing opinions. I do think it’s time for everyone to stop babying Michael when he’s done everything to tear them apart, but setting him up by using a very touchy family subject feels almost too underhanded. Morgan and Michael initially had a pretty close relationship and though gambling, women and this current daddy issues drama has come in between them, it’s a bit hard for me to fathom Morgan would want to go to such an extreme to get back at his older brother.

Luckily for Kiki and Morgan, they won’t have to try very hard to make Michael look like an alcoholic since he can enjoy a stiff drink and cradle a baby all at once. Do you think Morgan and Kiki’s plan is taking it too far or does Michael deserve to be set up?

Sisters before misters

Last week had me really worried about the state of the friendship that had developed between Port Charles’ badasses Jordan Ashford and Anna Devane. Now back in town working as a Federal agent, Anna’s been even more serious about shutting down the criminal organizations that run rampant in Port Charles, NY – no matter what it takes. After losing the love of her life and her job, it’s understandable why Anna blew back into town with a vengeance. But that does not excuse putting a friend’s life on the line like she did to Jordan. As the undercover agent’s cover was blown away bit by bit, Anna continued to pressure her into going deeper, even with heat at Jordan’s back, Anna wanted Sonny’s organization taken down at any cost.

A reality check came to Anna in the hunkiest form in town, Nathan West. It was a surprise that he was the one who helped Anna put her morality back on track as I would’ve imagined, maybe even preferred, to see Dante be the one hashing the issues out with her. Sometimes it’s very hard for me to take Nathan seriously but this past week he succeeded, bringing the former police chief to tears after she realized that she’d only been pushing Jordan so hard so she could get back at Duke. This belated realization comes right before Jordan shows up at Anna’s place, visibly shaken up by what she’d been asked to do by Duke. The undercover agent lets the two know that Duke has ordered her to kill Julian Jerome, a mission which she is positive is a test to prove her loyalty to the organization, proving that she was in fact under suspicion by the higher ups now.

Nathan had suggested to put her in Witness Protection but both Anna and Jordan disagreed with the idea especially now that Jordan’s son, TJ Ashford, has her back in his good graces. Leaving her family behind would never be an option, even if it means that her life is on the line so another plan must be drawn up. They run through their options, even considering a safe house but ultimately it’s Nathan’s bright idea (who knew he had them!) that turns out to be the trio’s best bet. What he wants is for Jordan to wear a wire, then all she’ll have to do is get Duke to repeat the kill order and then they can take him down – but Anna becomes frustrated knowing they won’t be able to dismantle the entire organization, just her ex-lover. It’s apparent that Anna is reluctant about going after Duke and like a good friend, Jordan jumps in to remind her that she too is out to get Shawn Butler out of the mob life, even if it means she has to take him down. Both women commiserate over their similarly difficult positions and finally, Anna agrees to the plan.

I was extremely happy seeing the quick turnaround in Anna’s character, a total 180 flip from the way she was behaving just a week ago. As someone who hasn’t been a fan of General Hospital for very long at all, I’ve always saw Anna Devane was someone tough when it called to be tough but soft on the inside, especially for loved ones. Her trying to throw Jordan deeper into the fire just didn’t sit well with me but this last week’s explanation, citing her vulnerability after splitting with Duke, really was the icing on the once questionable cake. Do you think that Anna will actually be able to take down Duke? Or will her heart get in her own way?

Once again, these recaps are not blow for blow recaps and contain my own feelings toward the storylines this week. Use my points to kick off a conversation! Comment or tweet me if you agree or disagree with me, I want to know what the readers have to say. Your input is what makes this all the most fun. See you next week!

Coryon Gray
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  1. I didn’t know that! But then you do have to remember that Alexis is nothing but a big hypocrite.

  2. I agree! Get them jobs! They can do all this plotting on their lunch breaks! Having them spend their entire days thinking about how to bring down Michael just makes them look like old ladies. Morgan’s family really does own the whole town! Haha Never though of it that way! And I agree, Michael is getting more and more volatile which makes it hard to side with him. Which I definitely did in the beginning! But there’s still Kiki and Morgan whom I cannot side with whatsoever.

  3. Has it? I wasn’t around GH at that time, so I don’t know any better. Still, I think he’s the better character! But then again, if you say he’s always had story revolve around him, Kiki and Morgan have yet to have that chance which would build on their characters.

  4. How could Alexis do what she is doing? How does she think that will go over with her daughter Kristina? She did exactly what Michael is doing with Avery – keeping her secluded from her father and other family members. What happened? Kristina went to extreme lengths to get her father’s attention. She did not THANK her mom at all. Now she is living miles and miles from her controlling mom.

  5. Ya know, I’m tired of Kiki and Morgan NOT having anything else to do as well. Morgan’s parents own a hotel, coffee co, KELLY’S, and a gym. There must be something he can do at either of these establishments to earn a buck. Kiki’s dad is a prominent doc at the local hospital. There must be a medical facility around town that can use her help as a volunteer or as paid personnel. I CAN understand them wanting to just stop Michael. It seems that once he has accomplished the hurt he set out to inflict on Sonny, it is still not enough. Michael then looks around for some other way to hurt him. How do you think his lil sis is gonna take it when she gets older and around other kids that tease her that she was named after her brother’s dead, drunken dad and that she’s not really a Quartermaine but the daughter of two murderous mob people. That’s gonna sting a bit. Not to mention the fact that she would be growing up without her siblings.

  6. While Morgan and Kiki do indeed suck, I have never been a Michael fan. This kid has had story revolve around him since he was conceived. Sick of him.

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