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General Hospital Spoilers: March 9, 2015 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Shawn is concerned about Jordan, Elizabeth confesses her true feelings about Jake, Michael has a job offer for Sabrina, Jackal and McCall reunite. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital preview for the week of March 9, 2015.

Girls Against Boys

Jordan alerts Anna that the Port Charles Mob wars are about to erupt leading Anna to issue a warning for the members of the mob. Shawn’s becoming suspicious of Jordan and shares his concerns about his girlfriend with Sonny and Duke. Shawn and Sonny decide to test Jordan’s loyalty. Meanwhile, Anna pays Sloane a visit. Will she be able to rattle his cage?

Sonny and Ric remain leery about Jake, the man who has their ladies’ attentions. Meanwhile, Carly has a suggestion for Jake and later he asks Sam for a favor. Elizabeth is upfront with Ric about the future of their relationship and her feelings for Jake. In the interim, Carly asks Jake where he and Elizabeth stand. Jake will receive a new visitor.

Spencers and Quartermaines

Michael makes a shocking announcement to his family about Avery and remains determined to continue his vendetta against the Corinthos. Later, Michael has a new job offer for Sabrina, which displeases Kiki.

Lulu and Tracy continue to dig up the Spencer’s family buried history. Later, Dante updates Lulu regarding her father. After Lulu informs Tracy about Luke’s latest actions, they both fret over his next moves. Dante and Nathan will continue to investigate Luke’s latest ploy.

Also this week:

Maxie and Nathan try to mend their relationship. Later, Maxie and Spinelli get an urgent call about Georgie. Will Nathan witness a special moment between the two? Meanwhile, Sam and Spinelli share a warm reunion. Will Spinelli recognizes someone from his past?

A precarious person at Shadybrook convinces Franco and Nina to go along with a risky plan. Later, Nina and Franco are questioned by the PCPD about their involvement with a incident.

  • Lulu and Olivia lean on each other regarding their latest predicaments.
  • Silas breaks some unexpected and tragic news.
  • Silas is tasked with a request.
  • Julian wonders if he can use Avery to leverage Sonny.
  • Julian devises a discreet plan to eradicate a member of the mob.
  • Maxie confides in Lulu once again about her complicated love life.

Source Sneak Peek: March 16

Sonny comes face to face with Jake. Lucy and Sabrina discuss the Nurse’s Ball. Ava asks Silas for a favor. Anna is worried about Jordan’s safety.

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