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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Deacon And Quinn Get Engaged, Steffy Leaves On A Low Note


You Can Talk To Me About Love

The lack of scenes between Deacon and Quinn has been turned around rather quickly in the last few weeks. I guess it’s now their turn to fit a plot point. The week began with a continuance of “The Slap” from Friday. Yes, Quinn slapped a drunken Brooke for parading around half naked in front of her man. That may be the most normal thing Quinn has done in a year. So why everyone started flipping out about it is beyond me. I’m sure Liam wishes all he had gotten was a slap. Still Wyatt, Brooke and Deacon treated this as if Quinn had attached Brooke with a machete. And as outraged as they were, she may as well have.

After bringing it down a notch, Deacon’s solution to Quinn’s so call unwarranted insecurities was in the form of a diamond ring. Quinn didn’t jump at the proposal right away, even gave Deacon multiple chances to take it back. But eventually she realized that there was no one else who was going to understand and appreciate her brand of crazy. Deacon and Quinn’s relationship hasn’t really gotten a lot of airtime since they hooked up but it’s been obvious from the beginning that these two were going to be perfectly dysfunctional together. With Quinn wearing the pants and Deacon eating out of her hand, nothing can go wrong right? Oh wait… I forgot about that plot point.

While Deacon and Quinn were basking in the allure of future nuptials, Brooke was across town stewing and the reason for that remains unclear. At least to me. Not once since Deacon has been back have they ever played Brooke as still having feelings for him. Sure, one of the first things he did was ask her to marry him but not once did Brooke seem to take him seriously. And really why would she? Like Deacon reminded Quinn, he isn’t exactly a catch. An ex-con with no job or future prospects wouldn’t make me melt either if I were Brooke. But I guess all that has changed since Deacon is now the only man in LA paying her any attention. Now all of sudden she cares about what he’s doing in his love life because he’s the father of her adult daughter currently living in another county. I don’t understand this arc at all. The way the women are being written on this show is proving to be both problematic and infuriating to say the least. None of them seem to be able to escape the dreaded B&B Bermuda Triangle. That vortex that if you are not in a love triangle on this show, it’s like you vanish off the face of the planet for months at a time. So now it is Quinn’s turn at bat. To hold on to the man she thinks she kind of sort of loves at all costs from a woman who doesn’t want him but wants him free to want her.

Much Ado About Nothing

When I first heard Jacqueline MacInnes Wood was coming back as Steffy, I could barely contain my excitement. She’s always been one of my favorite bad girls. So I just knew she was going to breeze back into town and do what she always does, raise the stakes and up the sexy. After weeks of waiting for either of those two things to happen, I sat annoyed as I watched her cha cha cha out of LA having accomplished nothing. Instead of being the bad ass that she always is, we again had to watch her practically throw herself at Liam just to be rejected for a girl he’s been seeing for all of a few months. A girl who, by the way, never had his full attention when Hope was still around. This story they are trying to sell us of him now choosing her over someone he loved on the same level as Hope is almost as annoying as this being the sole reason for her latest visit. I bet you thought the reason for Steffy’s return was the Forrester take over. At least that’s what it was billed as. Yeah, that amounted to six weeks of talking and zero result. As you can tell this is more of a rant than a recap because there really isn’t much else to it. Steffy made another play for Liam by holding her Forrester shares over his head, she gloated to Ivy about it, Liam refused to budge, and Steffy left town again. There. That’s your recap. Nothing more to see here. Hopefully Steffy’s return in April will bring about a storyline a little more tolerable.

Team Player

Also this week we saw the continued belittling of the other occupants of Forrester Manor by its new dictators. Meal server, foot massager, martini’s shaker. These are just a few of the requirements you have to have on your resume to live in the house on the hill with Rick and Maya. After his show of solidarity the week prior, Rick went back to being the prick he’s been for months now. That in and of itself is bad. Maya continuing to go along with it is worse. Someone who has voiced on more than one occasion the hurt she felt at being looked and talked down to by people of a higher class than her and here she is doing to same thing to others all because it will keep her man happy. Again, another flaw in the writing for the women on this show. Their target seems to be Aly more so than Ivy. I suspect it’s because they know Aly won’t defend herself and has a professional stake in keeping them happy so she’ll bend to whatever their demands are that day. Some real Cinderella stuff, I know.

It’ll be interesting to see if the same treatment will be extended to their newest houseguest. After coldly shunning her away, Maya opened the door to see her little sister Nicole back for another visit and still no place to live. Rick took it upon himself to bypass whatever reservations Maya was having and extended the college couch surfer permit dwelling… in Aly’s room! Nicole has only been on a handful of times but it’s clear there is something between these sisters that Maya doesn’t want getting out. Especially to Rick. Hopefully it won’t take some forced and redundant love triangle to actually find out what that is.

This week Brooke and Deacon make a secret pact, Maya questions Nicole’s intentions and Rick gets an update on the status of his divorce.

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