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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Nicole Threatens Maya, Brooke and Deacon Work The Steps


It Works If You Work It

What’s a girl to do when she’s truly single for the second time in her life? The first time Brooke found herself in this predicament she slept with her sister’s husband, so anything else would be an upgrade right? Not so much. Instead of focusing on work or her kids or resorting back to her vixen ways, Brooke turned into an overnight alcoholic and wedding crasher. Well, potential wedding crasher as Monday opened with her forbidding Quinn from marrying Deacon. Brooke has never needed vodka before to be self-involved but I suppose it adds to the audacity of her making demands on other people’s lives. I knew the minute Brooke returned from Italy that she would have to be thrust into someone else’s relationship. I just thought it would be more believable than this. The dialogue between Brooke and Quinn was almost as nauseating as the wonky camera work. Brooke never offered up a single valid reason for her interest in Deacon and Quinn’s impending nuptials other than him being her daughter’s father. If I had a drink for every time she said that about the father of one of her kids, I would be in the same AA meeting Deacon and she both found themselves attending.

That’s right, after all of two to three weeks of Brooke’s drunken pity party, she is now an alcoholic. I will admit that this is a great story to tell for Deacon as we are already aware of his alcoholism, but Brooke’s part in this feels like nothing more than a plot point. Another plot point is the off screen divorce between Wyatt and Hope. But you have to do what you have to do when you still haven’t recast the role. I am not sure exactly what Wyatt felt that Brooke needed to be the first person to hear about the papers being drawn up but I do like the clarity that he now has over the situation. Darin Brooke is making Wyatt likeable again after months of annoyance with his begging for his wife’s love. Sharing his feelings and regrets about his marriage would have been better if done with Liam or Bill than Brooke, but they found a certain bond in their failed relationships. Finally letting Quinn off the hook was another stand out moment. Quinn definitely holds her share of the blame for meddling in his marriage, but Wyatt owning up to the fault stopping at Hope and his feet was necessary to move on to the next phase of this story. Whatever that may be.

You Better Make It An Option

No one likes it when family members outstay their welcome, but Maya is downright panicked over it. Her sister Nicole has been in town for a month and living with her all of one day. Maya has been uneasy about it from the beginning. So much so though that you could almost hear her internal screams when Rick offered for Nicole to move in with them. Defensive, suspicious, dismissive. Yeah, Maya is not here for little sis at all. Nicole on the other hand seems to be taking it in stride. Knowing you have the upper hand will do that, I guess.

Nicole generously accepted Aly’s room, the stereo system and free wifi while Maya smiled through clenched teeth. But that didn’t last long. Maya pushed for Nicole to make scarce for the night so Rick and her could celebrate his divorce from Caroline in private. That was mistake number one. Maya then offered to front Nicole the money for her own apartment. That was mistake number two. Maya’s final mistake was constant attitude she had been giving Nicole from the moment she showed up and it seemed like Nicole knew why. Looks like little sis is sitting on some major tea and whatever it is, Maya doesn’t want her spilling it in Rick’s presence.

Meanwhile Rick was still at Forrester toasting the demise of his marriage to Caroline with Carter who was there on her behalf. For the first time since this entire storyline began, Rick spoke of his life with Caroline and the hurt he felt at her betrayal like an adult and not a child whose toy had been taken away from him. There was a certain finality that was felt in their scene but like any other marriage on soaps, is it ever really final? Also at Forrester, there was another meeting of the dim minded featuring Rick’s lackeys and his number one apologists. I don’t know if I can deal with a whole year of everyone bending to Rick’s demands, complaining about it and Eric brushing it off but it looks like that’s what we’re in for. Fashion house purgatory is what I shall call it.

This week Nicole and Maya continue to clash, Wyatt warns Quinn and Brooke fights temptation. (The Bold and the Beautiful will be preempted 3/19 and 3/20 due to coverage of NCAA Basketball.)

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