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‘Once Upon A Time’ Preview: Hook and Ursula Make a Deal


Ever since Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) and Ursula (guest star Merrin Dungey) shared a tense reunion greeting the morning after the Queens of Darkness arrived in Storybrooke, we’ve wondered what went down between the two in the past. We’re not surprised a former pirate and a sea monster queen share a history, but so far Once Upon A Time hasn’t given us much in the way of clues. All we know is that Hook told Emma (Jennifer Morrison) his misdeed was much worse than simply breaking Ursula’s heart.

Poor Unfortunate Soul” will shed some light on that mystery this Sunday when Hook offers himself up as bait (pun intended) to Ursula in exchange for information on what the Queens know about Rumple’s (Robert Carlyle) plan. In typical Once fashion, the episode will flash back to the enchanted realms of the past to fill in the blanks. What could possibly be worse than breaking a woman’s heart?

We’re stumped as far as guesses go, but the press release from ABC offered up a few tidbits. A young Ursula (guest star Tiffany Boone) wants to run away from home and turns to Hook for help. But Killian in full Captain Hook mode was not exactly the epitome of trustworthiness. What kind of deal did they make, how did Hook ruin things for her and could this have something to do with why people thought she was nothing more than a myth for so long? It’s also worth noting this episode brings the return of JoAnna Garcia as Ariel and introduces Ernie Hudson as Poseidon. How does the king of the sea fit into the story?


Elsewhere in a remote cabin, the Queens of Darkness, along with Rumple and an undercover Regina (Lana Parrilla), are holding a newly returned August (guest star Eion Bailey) hostage. Last week Rumple posed as Hook to trick Belle (Emilie de Ravin) into giving him the dagger so now he’s at full power and desperate for answers about the author. Things look pretty bleak for August, even as the heroes pull out all of the stops to try and track them down. The question is whether or not August actually knows anything about the author. We’re guessing he might since he’s done his research on the book and the curse, but that doesn’t mean he’ll want to share it with Team Evil. Then again, August has made his fair share of questionable choices when his well-being is on the line in the past.

This episode will also bring the much anticipated return of Robin Hood (guest star Sean Maguire). As excited as we are about that Outlaw Queen moment in the promo below, we can’t help wondering how and why the two will be reunited. After all, Robin broke our hearts Regina’s heart when he left Storybrooke with his family at the end of the Frozen arc. Is he a figment of Regina’s imagination or is this part of a flashback? Maybe it’s connected to the author and the potential to change the story? Or, as we fear, perhaps one of the Queens or Rumple is messing with Regina’s head because they don’t fully trust her. We have so many questions so let’s focus on the most important one: Is it Sunday yet?

Once Upon A Time airs Sunday, March 22 at 8/7c on ABC.

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