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General Hospital Spoilers: March 23, 2015 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Jake and Elizabeth are uncertain about their future, pieces of the Spencer family puzzle start to come together, Sam witnesses a heartwarming moment, Morgan and Kiki continue their plan. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of March 23, 2015.

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Long Lost Relatives

Jake is stunned by an unexpected visitor but Elizabeth is skeptical. With the recent turn of events, Jake and Elizabeth are left to question their future. Meanwhile, Ric is confident his plot will work to his advantage. Carly is stunned by the recent news while Jake is having a hard time believing his visitor’s claims. Later, Ric encounters an unexpected meeting with his co-conspirer. Could there be a glitch in his scheme?

Lulu and Tracy continue to look into the Spencer family tree. Meanwhile, Luke is determined to get the answers he seeks from someone. Dante and Lulu try to put the pieces together regarding Luke’s whereabouts and are shocked by what they find. What will be revealed about their family’s past?

Also this week:

Patrick has a proposal for Sam that makes her a bit anxious. She continues to ponder something Jake said to her before he went into surgery. Later, Sam watches a touching moment between her guys, Patrick and Danny.

Shawn has concerns about what actions Duke and Sonny may take against Jordan. When Shawn leaves, Duke updates Sonny on Jordan’s test. Meanwhile, Sloane reveals he knows Jordan’s secret.

Alexis makes a shocking admission about Nina during her hearing. Later, Nina and Franco learn their fate and concoct another scheme.

  • Ava has a favor to ask Silas.
  • Morgan and Kiki put their plan in motion to set-up Michael.
  • Ned and Michael are concerned that a select few are angling to take over ELQ.
  • Julian offers an invitation to Alexis.
  • Olivia admits to Ned that she has some misgivings about lying to Julian.
  • Duke and Julian have a hostile cross.
  • Maxie is upset by Nathan’s actions against Spinelli.
  • Spinelli has a heartfelt plea for Maxie.


Source Sneak Peek: March 30

In honor of General Hospital’s 52nd anniversary, the past and future will collide. Cameron asks Ric for a favor. Julian offers Sam some fatherly advice regarding Patrick. Olivia gets blackmailed.

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  1. Thanks for commenting! I’m going to see where the fake wife stuff leads. Sometimes it’s stuff like this that makes a couple stronger and Becky and Billy really have the acting chops and chemistry to pull it off. I think it’s fun that they got a big name to play a temporary character too.

  2. I think we know were this going Rebecca Budig character I going to pop up and say she Jake wife when really Ric is the one that hired her I bet it was one of the women from the dating site Molly made for Jake. I really hate this why not let Liason Lake be happy for a while longer at least 2 weeks not 2 days.

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