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2015 Daytime Emmy Predictions: Outstanding Lead Actress


Who Should Win – Maura West

Maura West

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This was the only category where we can honestly say we loved every reel. We’re not sure there is any one thing that put Maura West over the top other than she’s Maura freaking West! When this woman talks you listen. When she emotes anger, you want to fight with her. When she’s broken and vulnerable, you want to put her back together.

There were some small moments in the other reels where we tuned out a bit for different reasons: Alison Sweeney’s reel is far too long; Gina Tongoni’s because of annoying distractions; Laura Wright’s suffered due to the campiness of her scene partners; Peggy McCay’s because it was far more subdued than the others. West’s reel had no such problem.

Our eyes didn’t divert from the screen, we hung on her every word. The tug of war showcased not only with Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) but also internally was something to behold. “I have walked on the earth with unfathomable weight on my shoulders and I’m still standing.” The delivery of that line sent chills down our spine. My God.

Many on staff believed Maura West was snubbed when she didn’t nab a nomination last year. We don’t know what was submitted, but considering everything she does is magic, she most definitely should have been awarded for her portrayal of one of the most captivating and dynamic characters created in recent memory.

West chose the scenes of Ava’s pre-crypt sex conversation with fellow mobster and would-be kindred spirit Sonny. In the scenes, West portrays a woman on the verge whose demons way heavy on her soul. She’s a guilt-ridden murderer and desperate to connect with someone who might understand her. West teeters between invincible and wilting flower with ease. As Ava states it’s never easy “trying to claw your way out while they bury you alive.” West manages to make her villainous character vulnerable.

Counter Opinion: Picking a reel where an actor is mostly reacting to a situation can be tricky. It’s easy to get distracted by the other scene partners. I am picking Laura Wright to win, between the back and forth with Roger Howarth and Carly’s pain over hurting her son Michael, Laura Wright showed why she is one of the best actresses in daytime. – Walker Ragsdale (@iamwalkerR), Staff Writer.

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2015 Daytime Emmy Predictions: Outstanding Lead Actor

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