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2015 Daytime Emmy Predictions: Outstanding Supporting Actress

Photo credit (l-r): Elizabeth Hendrickson courtesy Adeline Wohlwend; Finola Hughes courtesy Rick Rowell/ABC; Linsey Godfrey courtesy Gilles Toucas Photography; Amelia Heinle courtesy CBS.com; Lisa LoCicero courtesy Craig Sjodin/ABC

WILL WIN – Amelia Heinle

Amelia Heinle

Photo credit: Amelia Heinle courtesy CBS.com

Dead. Baby. Enough said.

We didn’t hate her reel. We’re annoyed that she’s not in the lead actress category (because she is a lead actress). We’re annoyed by the tactic of submitting material similar to what got her the win last year. Annoyance aside, it was a very good reel. It helped that Amelia Heinle was able to be the star of her reel. That’s something that every actor needs to realize – the focus should be on their strengths, their ability to command attention on-screen. Proving she’s every bit the veteran talent, she made up for what was lacking in her screen-partner in the first half of her reel by delivering the right balance of emotion. She measured her reaction, building up to the moment when Victoria finally broke under the crushing weight of loss.

For the second part of her reel, Heinle’s emotion was more resigned. Crying all the tears she had left, Victoria approached Kelly (Cady McClain), the person she blamed for the demise of her marriage, and agreed to move on. When talking about the epiphany she had thanks to her late step-daughter: “It was almost as if she had taken me by the arms and shook me and said, ‘Stop wasting your life being so angry and frustrated.’ Life is just too short…And I think we’ve all suffered enough. All of the anger and the blame I honestly think we all need to let it go.” Even though she maintained a level of maturity, Victoria’s disdain for Kelly still was evident.

To close out the reel, Heinle’s conveyed Victoria’s optimism at the prospect of starting anew with lover Ben (Sean Carrigan).

Range was the focus. Range was the highlight. It should work in her favor.

Counter Opinion: I have a feeling the voters are going to go in a different direction this year and award an actual supporting actress. Lisa LoCicero is the definition of that! After watching the other reels dealing with dead children and broken relationships, I think the fun, light-hearted will take the race. Everyone say comedy never wins, well I have a feeling that’s going to change this year. – Walker Ragsdale (@iamwalkerR), Staff Writer.

The 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards will be televised live on Pop (formerly TVGN/TV Guide Network) at 8:00 p.m. EDT/5:00 p.m. PDT.

Who do you think should win? Who do you think will win? Do you agree with our picks? Share your predictions in the comments below. And stay tuned to TVSource Magazine throughout the day for more Daytime Emmy predictions and Daytime Emmy coverage. We’ll be live from the red carpet. Follow @TVSource for updates.

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