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Days of our Lives Recap: Daniel provides a momentary voice of reason, rewrites give birth to new characters


Yet another enjoyable week in Salem, USA has gone by! As expected from Days of Our Lives by now, there were a few bumps in the road that made some stories not quite enjoyable. It was fun seeing just about the entire town getting their hands dirty when it came to schemes, lying or eavesdropping and the ending of this last week is sure to set next week off right. Let’s check out what went down in Salem!

Unlikely voice of reason

There goes a saying that even a broken clock is right twice a day and in this instance, Salem’s broken clock is Daniel Jonas. There are way too many instances where the miracle doctor says or does the absolutely wrong thing especially when he’s feeling extra self-righteous but this last week, his ranting and raving was actually coming from the right place.

True O'BrienLots of fans were rather surprised to find themselves agreeing with Daniel when he so easily read Jennifer Horton like a children’s book. Their argument began after JJ Devereaux admitted to his mother that he’d told family friend Daniel that he slept with Eve Donovan, confirming the man’s suspicions. As she usually does, Jennifer stormed her way over to her target’s home to let him have a piece of her mind but Daniel cuts her off at every turn. He begins to lecture her on the nature of secrets and their pesky habit of coming out into the open, something she continues to try to deny but fails. Jennifer is rendered speechless when Daniel begins to list off his own close encounters with devastating secrets not to mention the time Jennifer argued that Daniel was trying to play God by holding back Nicole Walker’s paternity secret from EJ Dimera. She pleads that she’s just looking out for her son’s happiness with the girl she loves but Daniel begins to think that Jennifer’s motives are rooted much more in vengeance than anything. She proves just that when she begins to rattle on about what Eve has done, is doing and will do to her and how she doesn’t want the same for her son or Eve’s innocent daughter. Even the village idiot – not a dig at Daniel – could put two and two together to realize this is nothing more than a selfish revenge plot. He accuses Jennifer of using this sordid secret to keep Eve dangling dangerously on the edge of a cliff where she’s poised to push the former prostitute off at her own leisure. As expected, Jennifer dances around that accusation though it’s been clear for a while now how much she enjoys controlling Eve (and how much a lot of the viewers have enjoyed it too). All she wants to know is that Daniel will keep his mouth shut and not spill the truth to Paige – who walks in just as the former couple’s argument comes to a close.

Obviously she missed out on the good part, but this storyline is ripe for another climax as more and more clues begin to push themselves out into the open. Paige has to be getting suspicious as Daniel’s jacket makes a surprise return to her mother’s apartment, JJ ‘s stuttering at every mention of Eve and not to mention him pushing the breaks on their hot and heavy session on the sofa. Soon the truth will be out and hopefully Paige will go even wilder than Jennifer did after she discovered the affair. All in all, even though Daniel was right to criticse Jennifer’s actions, there still remains the fact that none of this is his business. Paige and JJ are not his children, he has barely any involvement with Jennifer anymore and knows nothing about Eve. There is no room for Daniel to be making threats and it was nice when later in the week, Eve told him just that. Looks like the broken clock has gone back to being wrong again.

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