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General Hospital Recap: Michael learns the truth thanks to Sabrina, Ellie’s return is a breath of fresh air


General Hospital had a lightning fast week this last week. It was enjoyable watching stories actually unfold on screen at a normal pace instead of a snail’s. Though sometimes there was the feeling of being rushed, it was understandably done so to prop as much drama as possible up ahead of the 2015 Nurses’ Ball. With all the hits, schemes and plots set to converge on that event, there’s no doubt that next week will be a doozy! But let’s dig into some of Port Charles’ highlights of last week!

Daddy’s Boy Wannabe

Michael Quartermaine will always be what Morgan Corinthos wants to be, even without trying. Before becoming the CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation, Michael was forever the apple in Sonny Corinthos and Carly Jacks-Corinthos’ eyes while Morgan was just their younger son. Though viewers have more or less known for a very long time, this last week had Morgan’s jealousy towards Michael brought right into the forefront.

It was interesting to see Sabrina Santiago being the catalyst to all of this. Armed with suspicions and a pop up Felix DuBois by her side, Sabrina was able to figure out that Michael had been drugged when he knocked over baby Avery’s stroller and not drunk. Sabrina has always been the de facto voice of reason for those close to her, the angel on the shoulder, but lately she’s been in that gray area. Ever since losing her glasses (seriously, has she mentioned wearing contacts or is her astigmatism cured?), her baby, her job and coming back from a sabbatical in Puerto Rico, Sabrina has been straddling the fence character wise – which is exactly what she needed. From the beginning Sabrina was all too good that her dip into darkness was too quick and clunky, now the writers seem to know how to have her do the right thing without compromising her complexity. I really enjoyed the way she wasted no time, butting right into Michael and Sonny’s argument to deliver the test results on the pills right to the person who needed them. And not to half of the town as soap opera characters tend to do.

While the damning evidence is shown to the victim, the culprits Morgan and Kiki Jerome are across town feeling the heat. It’s funny how karma works. Kiki admits to her boyfriend that she came clean about their drugging plot to her uncle, Julian, something that gets Morgan on edge. All of this is happening simultaneously as their plot is uncovered. In a few ways, it did feel rushed as I personally would have enjoyed seeing the two overgrown kids writhe a little more, but in no time they were rushing to the ELQ offices to recover the roofies to keep from being uncovered. Unluckily for them, Michael had just finished deducing that those who drugged him had to have been with him in the Metro Court at that time. Of course there’s loads of denial but the proof is in the pudding when after just one shove from Michael, pills fall out of Morgan’s pocket. Kiki sings just like a canary which angers everyone in the room. Sonny doesn’t accept Morgan’s ploy for affection when his youngest son claims he did this all for him. Avery could have been in much more danger because of them. Rejected, Morgan and Kiki storm out of the office after Michael accuses them of being the ones who “kidnapped” Avery.

When they’re alone again, Sabrina comforts Michael while mixing in an attempt to get him to understand everything. He quickly goes from lamenting how close he and his brother used to be to wanting to get back at him, thinking that he’s held Avery hostage this entire time. I can’t see the logic behind that and it seemed that Sabrina couldn’t either. She thinks Morgan is just incredibly jealous of everything Michael has had and still does have. In Morgan’s head, he’s nothing compared to Michael (Well, if the shoe fits…). Meanwhile, Morgan and Kiki come home to find Avery in her play pen waiting for them as if nothing had ever happened. As if they really had had her all along like Michael had said.

Unfortunately there isn’t much evidence against them for the drugging incident and technically, Kiki had custody of Avery at the time so she couldn’t kidnap her. Maybe a false kidnapping report charge could come their way? Either way, Morgan and Kiki are finally going to have a lot more on their plates coming soon. And Michael, though he’s ready to jump into blaming everyone for these issues with guns blazing, he has to understand that having a baby at a bar (on numerous occasions) would only lead to trouble. Both Corinthos boys have some learning to do. But whose side are you all on, Morgan and Kiki’s or Michael’s?

Nurses’ Ball Square Dance

The reintroduction of Ellie Trout to the canvas has made Maxie Jones’ dizzying love life a little more entertaining. This was effectively seen this past week when scenes with Maxie and Spinelli played concurrently with Ellie’s and Nathan West’s. Just who do you think was the most watchable pair? From any of my last reviews you’d probably know that I’m not a fan of the Spixie/Naxie love triangle nor a big fan of the male characters themselves, so it might be a little obvious which side I’m leaning toward. A fan of the show recently described Ellie as a “breath of fresh air” not just to this tired storyline but to the canvas itself. For a show that can easily get bogged down with too many characters and too many dark plots, a character like Ellie was certainly needed.

In classic soap form, the ousted lovers of “super couple” Spixie have a literal run in with each other at Kelly’s. Last time this happened was with Spinelli and a hot chocolate, this time Ellie had a milkshake that splattered all over the cop. As usual, Nathan has to strip which gives Ellie room to ogle his muscles eventually leading up to them discovering who each of them was. A little arguing ensues; blame flying both ways since they’ve both experienced loss of love recently. It takes a little while but the two eventually forge a connection over the aforementioned heartbreak. Plus, how could anyone ever stay upset with Ellie?

While the rejected lovers bond, the parents of little Georgie are at home playfully bantering over what they want their daughter to grow up to be. For me, the cuteness ends there with Maxie and Spinelli. Maxie’s baby daddy’s latest return felt like a rush job from the very start. They’d moved on from each other, to better and happier things, but to have him spouting his love for her so suddenly again never felt authentic. Their new relationship has no feeling of authenticity either. Maxie’s clearly still wavering about her decision to stay with Spinelli versus Nathan, it’s clear in her eyes. She does get jealous when Lucy Coe makes the mistake of thinking Spinelli is still with Ellie and that they’ll perform at the Nurse’s Ball together but how much of that is real?

It still seems like Maxie has no clue what she wants out of her romantic life. The jilted exes however, they seem to know exactly what they want out of life. Funnily enough, after calling Spinelli, Lucy finds Ellie and Nathan in person and insists that they come to the Nurse’s Ball together after learning of their breakups. Both Ellie and Nathan don’t feel a romantic spark between them but come to an agreement on going as friends. In a predictable move, Nathan suggests that they act as a couple at the ball to make their exes jealous. I didn’t think Ellie would agree so easily but she does, clearly she’s desperate to have not just Spinelli in her life again but his little girl with whom she’s fallen in love with too. The new friends shake hands to seal their new arrangement. All of this on Nathan’s lunch break from finding a missing child!

The 2015 Nurses’ Ball is right around the corner and from promos, it’s not going to be much of a light affair. There’ll be a murder taking place at this year’s festivities. Just about every character has a reason to attend so in fact, the poor victim could literally be anyone in town. Rumors are pointing out Duke though I still fear for something befalling poor Ellie Trout. With no familial ties to Port Charles, she could be a very easy victim to this murderer while still making an impact on the canvas. Not to mention she has a scheme in the works that’s dependent on this ball and since when does planned out treachery ever successfully work on soaps? Viewers of the show are mostly unanimous about Ellie’s need to stay in town. Many are hoping she turns out to be a secret Quartermaine, tying her down to the show’s history and giving her more characters to dazzle with her charm. Either way, we need Ellie to survive this Nurses’ Ball and stick around! What do you think about this latest love square? And are you all big Ellie fans too?

Once again, these recaps are not always blow for blow recaps and contain my own feelings toward the storylines this week. Use my points to kick off a conversation. Comment or tweet me if you agree or disagree with me, I want to know what the readers have to say. Your input is what makes this all the most fun. See you next week!

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