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General Hospital Spoilers: April 20, 2015 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Carly suspects Ric, Nikolas finds Jason’s ring is missing, Sabrina makes a discovery, Dante and Valerie bond, a mob hit doesn’t go as planned. Get the latest GH scoop in out General Hospital preview for the week of April 20, 2015.

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Secrets and Lies

While Spinelli shares some new information about Hayden, Carly starts to suspect that Ric might be conning Jake. When Carly’s suspicion of Hayden grows, she informs Jake they have a lot to discuss, particularly on the subject of Hayden. However, Jake is not pleased that Spinelli is investigating Hayden. Not to be deterred, Carly and Spinelli search Hayden’s room for more evidence. Later, Jake arrives home to an upset Hayden who is shaken because she found an armed man in her room.

Nikolas is horrified to discover that Jason’s wedding ring is missing. Soon after, he figures out via Spencer that the missing ring is at Patrick’s house. Nikolas quickly covers up his tracks. Later, Nikolas finds himself in another passionate situation.

Meanwhile, Sloane pressures Jake to get the details of the Jerome’s latest ploy as both Duke and Julian plan their next hits. Can Jake get Julian to tell him who he plans to take down? Duke is shocked to learn what went down with the hit and Anna has some questions about the identity of the shooter.

Also this week:

Unaware of the danger that lies ahead, Jordan and Shawn share their feelings. Jordan tells Anna she wants out of the undercover assignment, just as the mob wars heat up and a gunshot goes off. TJ shares some troubling news with Shawn, which Duke quickly helps rectify.

Kiki is starting to regret her actions. Sonny and Michael have it out over Avery. Sabrina makes a discovery about what happened to Michael and Morgan and Kiki are forced to come clean to Michael.

Lulu questions Maxie’s choice. Meanwhile, Dante and Valerie continue to grow close much to Lulu’s discomfort. Later, Lulu has a housing recommendation for Valerie.

  • Nathan runs into someone.
  • Lucy tries to enlist various people to perform at this year’s Nurses Ball, and she also has a suggestion for Nathan.
  • Spinelli sets up a meeting with Sam to enlist her help on his latest case.
  • Anna and Patrick update each other on their love lives.
  • Nathan asks Silas why he is spending so much time in New York.

Source Sneak Peek: April 27

Morgan and Kiki find a surprise guest in Silas’ apartment. Jake and Elizabeth share a close moment. Brad gets an unexpected visitor. The Nurses Ball begins.

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