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‘The Bay’ receives second Daytime Emmy Award nomination and gears up for Season 4

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Gregori J. Martin, CEO and president of LANY Entertainment, is proud to announce The Bay The Series has been nominated by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) for its second Daytime Emmy Award in the extremely competitive Category – Outstanding New Approaches Drama Series.  The Bay was previously nominated in 2012 in the Outstanding Special Class Short Format Daytime Program category.  “The LANY team is deeply honored to receive our second Emmy nomination,” states Martin. “To just be in contention for the most coveted award in the television industry is a win in itself and we are ecstatic!”

The producing team recognized for The Bay includes Executive Producers Gregori J. Martin and Kristos Andrews, Supervising Producer Nadine Aronson, Coordinating Producer Carol C. Hedgepeth, and Producers Anthony Aquilino, Braxton Davis, Devin DeVasquez, Mary Beth Evans, Celeste Fianna, Jade Harlow, Lilly Melgar, Ronn Moss, Eric Nelsen, Sainty Nelsen, Jared Safier, Derrell Whitt, and Salvatore V. Zannino.

With its second nomination under its belt, The Bay is also excited to be gearing up for production of its much anticipated Season 4. Noted for its signature approach in ending with a dramatic cliffhanger, viewers are clamoring to find out what will happens next in Bay City. The last two episodes from Season 3 that have left Bay Watchers on the edge of their seats are currently available on Blip.TV and below.

“The outpouring from fans and supporters has been phenomenal,” states Kristos Andrews, Vice-President of LANY Entertainment and star of THE BAY. “We’re thrilled that our show continues to receive high praise from both industry professionals and our ever growing number of viewers, and with that we’re working on making our content even more accessible for the fans next season! In the meantime, we’ll see you at the Emmys!”

Chapter 14 Part 3

Chapter 14 Part 4

The LANY Team ensures you can expect to see Season 4 of The Bay distributed on a variety of additional platforms next fall to help make the viewing experience even better.

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