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General Hospital Recap: Carly pulls a Kanye, Britt returns

GENERAL HOSPITAL - 2015 NURSES BALL - 3/24/15 The Nurses Ball begins airing Friday, May 1, 2015 - Tuesday, May 5, 2015 on ABC's "General Hospital". The Emmy-winning daytime drama "General Hospital" airs Monday-Friday (3:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. GH15, Episodic (ABC/Todd Wawrychuk) RICK HEARST, LAURA WRIGHT, EDIN GALI

What a great week it was on General Hospital! Even if the rest of the show is a mess, the weeks leading up to and through the Nurses’ Ball these last two years have always been entertaining. 2015 is proved that. There were fights, huge reveals, a pleasing return and that was all only at the beginning of the ball! Just what else could possibly be in store for the viewers? Let’s dig into what happened last week in Port Charles while we anxiously await the rest!

Carleezus and Ric Swift

Fans on all social media platforms could not help but to draw comparisons between Carly Corinthos-Jack’s big expose about Ric Lansing to Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech. Both guilty parties, fictional and non-fictional, strutted onto the stage without a care in the world only to turn said world on its head with their words. And God, was it satisfying.

We all know that it’s hard for Carly to let someone else have the spotlight in general, but when she burst onto the stage at the 2015 Nurses’ Ball, interrupting Ric’s proposal to Elizabeth Webber, it was for a much bigger purpose. When not worrying about her warring sons, Carly has been spending time trying to save her “friend” Jake Doe by digging into his supposed wife’s background. Thanks to intel from Spinelli, Carly was able to track down Pete in NYC, the man with the face that was supposed to belong to Jake before his accident. A good chunk of money and a trip to Port Charles later and Carly’s got him on stage at the Nurses’ Ball, revealing that Jake Doe was not in fact Jake Barnes and that Ric was pulling all the strings. This was one time that I couldn’t help but to clap along with Carly’s antics. Thanks to her, the ball is off to a great start this year. She sent both Ric and Hayden scurrying out of the ball, their tails wagging between them as the illusions of their realities crumbled to bits. It was perfection.

No matter how awful Elizabeth can be, she doesn’t deserve to be dating a (albeit sexy) scheming slimeball like Ric. His daughter, Molly Lansing, had warned him not to propose to Elizabeth but he didn’t want to listen. He could have been spared at least half of his embarrassment by not proposing though Carly would have gone ahead with the big reveal anyway. Ric is surely going to seek revenge for this just like Elizabeth will surely jump right back on the hunt for Jake. In an attempt to get her to calm down, Nikolas Cassadine let slip that Jake was actually Jason Morgan and that either way she can’t have him. The look on Elizabeth’s face though screamed otherwise. I can easily see her guarding this secret instead of telling Jake or Jason’s wife, Sam Morgan about this little fact.

I’ve said it before and will always say it again – Elizabeth has got to love herself more than she loves herself with a guy. When she’s not with one, it seems like she’s just floating through days. Why would anyone have even gone back to Ric after leaving Jake? She tried to argue that she had principles so she left the married man but what principle says to go back to your scheming ex only a week later after an apology or two? In the end, it wasn’t just Ric who got what was coming to him but Elizabeth too. I can only hope she thinks rationally about this big development before diving into the mess head first. But then again… Why spoil the fun when she can technically have both Jake and Jason finally to herself?

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