General Hospital Recap: Carly pulls a Kanye, Britt returns

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Return of The Britch

It’s only been four months since Britt Westbourne left our screens but when she stopped by for a quick visit this last week, it felt like it’d been a lifetime since then. Excitement barely begins to describe what a number of viewers (including myself) felt when Britt showed up at Brad Cooper’s apartment right before the 2015 Nurses’ Ball. My thoughts are that there are so many characters on the canvas and so few of them are likable (even when they’re on their worst behavior) that the shock of Britt’s return was magnified because she’s just the opposite. So quickly she went from being pure nasty to someone viewers wanted to root for, a tragic heroine. It’s so upsetting that her return was for just a handful of scenes.

Screenshot 2015-04-30 21.32.23Either way, her interactions with Brad felt like a coming home. It was in that exact place a year ago that the best friends were engaging in banter over Port Charles’ red carpet antics. This year was much of the same. Britt explained that she’s been bonding with her father, Cesar Faison and even calls him Papa now. Regardless of the fact that he’s an internationally wanted terrorist, she kind of likes him. It was Faison that tipped off Liesl Obrecht later, leading to an extremely heartwarming mother-daughter reunion. The two didn’t always see eye to eye with Obrecht simply using her daughter as tool in her schemes but the love was palatable when they embraced after so long apart. Though Britt mentioned missing her brother Nathan West, the writers keeping her visit short and sweet by visiting with the people she was truly close with was perfect. Britt blowing her cover by meeting with the police officer brother she barely knows would have broken the aw-factor of her scenes.

Probably the sweetest moment came when after the red carpet mockery ceased and Brad had to meet Lucas Jones at the ball, Britt took a major risk by visiting Spencer Cassadine on Spoon Island. The precocious heir was staying home, too self-conscious to go to the ball and face Emma Scorpio-Drake after their last blow out. Their mother-son bond was still there for all it took was a hug and a pep talk for Spencer to perk right up. Other than his own father, it’s clear that Britt is probably the most important person to Spencer. My heart aches that they can’t be together because of Nikolas Cassadine’s warrant on her. Funnily enough, the same thing he exiled Britt for (lying, scheming, being sneaky) is exactly what he’s up to at the moment. Britt expressed her unwavering love for Nikolas early on in her visit and what could be more perfect than too baddies hooking up? Look at Franco and Nina Reeves making it work! Nikolas and Britt would be the perfect dark prince and princess of Port Charles – if only he’d drop the charges!

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